Mayor Raided By FBI & IRS

A Democratic mayor is being thoroughly investigated by the FBI and IRS to discover wether or not a children’s book series is being used as a front for government kickbacks. 

The homes and offices of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh have been raided as FBI and IRS agents attempt to uncover the details behind the scandal. Pugh is accused of self-publishing a children’s book series, then coordinating their sale on a health plan to the University of Maryland Medical System, of which she was a board member while simultaneously being a state lawmaker. 

This gross abuse of power to further her personal wealth has many up in arms including Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

“Mayor Pugh has lost the public trust. She is clearly not fit to lead,” Hogan said via statement. “For the good of the city, Mayor Pugh must resign.”

Three weeks ago Pugh vanished from the public eye along with six staffers on paid leave as she cited fighting a bout of pneumonia. But many are calling this a ploy to avoid scrutiny. Veteran City Council leader Bernard “Jack” Young has filled in as acting mayor and fired three of the staffers Pugh took with her. 

With way things are looking it’s only a matter of time before charges are brought against the corrupt Democrat.

  1. REALLY? She lost the public trust before she ever took office. As the Bible states. YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORKS. And that apostate priest who call himself a reverend. Al Sharpton. Needs to be brought up on tax evasion as well. I don’t care that he’s a Negro. I can’t get away with it. And nobody else can either.

    1. Sharpton isn’t a priest…goodness learn the diference between schismatics and Catholics… priests are Catholic all other faiths use minister or preachers

    2. She is a liberal democrat. Democrats have no laws to worry about. They make them and break them as they want to. The rest of America has a standard by which we all go by, the commiecrats have no standards. look at the hollywood parents paying off colleges and they say they did not know it was againist the law, they will get off. jussie slimett, its who you know. You get the picture.

      1. That’s the way they roll. Remember obama and Moochele, billionaires. And her two kids who never had a job in their life are multi millionaires.

  2. This “raid” sure looks a lot different than those on Manafort and Stone. I have to wonder why? By the way, how come CNN wasn’t on site to film it all?

    1. That was my first thought also Diane. Where are all the agents in full gear, why isn’t the raid in the middle of the night ???? I wonder how much notice she had to get out of there and by whom because I understand she is amongst the missing.

  3. Really wish Deblasio could be investigated. Anywhere there is Dem power, there is corruption..and I believe much with him. Also, Maxine Waters has already been accused of fraud and bribes. I have heard this several times…Why has she not been indited. Peloski has increased her income drastically. How, she has escaped since she is a Democrat, but she is an evil woman and hopefully we have an honest AG and he will find out about all the corruption that many of us know, and cannot do anything about. Do not forget that Diane Fieldstein is one of the originators of the plot to totally ruin our newest supreme Court Judge…she has been in fraud for years, and the Dems have covered it up. And the woman she hired to lie in court has not been dealt with. The Democrats covered that up too. They have much to contend with in the future !! TO EDITORS. Please quit cutting my replies. They are not duplicates…I feel that you are monitoring my replies and I do not appreciate it. I have the right to express my honest opinion as well as the other writers…

  4. She is a “FEMALE DEMORAT SOCIALIST ” and she is in the “HIGHEST TIER” of our “TWO TIERED JUSTICE SYSTEM” ! She is an “ANIMAL THAT HAS MORE VALUE THAN THE OTHER ANIMALS” like George Orwell’s book: “ANIMAL FARM” !! The Demoratic FBI, CIA, DOJ and IRS Heads of these Institutions and the “FAKE NEWS MEDIA” will run “COVER” for her and not find anything that she did was against the “LAWS OF THE DEMORATS”, she will be found “INNOCENT and in “FACT” , “WE THE PEOPLE” will be “portrayed” as “RACISTS” for wanting some sort of “JUSTICE” !!

  5. Big Deal !! Clinton’s illegally transfer $2.8 BILION to offshore accounts into the Clinton Foundation.s name and NOTHING is done??? I believe that Democrats are going to start feeding on themselves as this begins to unfold. Stop Corruption—Arrest and jail Clintons !!!!!


  7. There is so much evil and hatred between the two parties. All they do is bash each other. What is going to be done with all the homeless, national security. They never resolve any important matters. Do SOMETHING!

  8. Baltimore has been run by the same type of people as in Detroit, before Kawame Kilpatrick , the mayor of Detroit, was sent to Federal Prison for 28 years. The election’s are American’s against the Democrats. If you are a Democrat, you are NOT considered an American, by the standards of the Constitution? Even the Attorney is a black women. We cannot let black cities become Black Democrat cities, because of the fraud and criminal activity that is developed. The poor always suffer the most under black rule. In Deroit, the blacks protected the Muslims, and they allowed some forms of SHARIA to occur ?

    Build the Southern wall quicker President Trump! It has been reported that 80% of the illegals will vote for Democrats. That’s 80% of 30 MIllion,

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