Maxine Waters PANICS; Admits To Next Step Of Democratic Plan

She slipped up and revealed the Democrats’ secret…

Rep. Maxine Waters fought back against the concept that FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s collusion failed to perform for the Democrats during Wednesday’s airing of “New Day” on CNN.

Waters told “New Day” host Alisyn Camerota there was “ample information” for obstruction of justice in the Mueller report, adding there is “still a lot more to come about collusion.”

“As you know, the Mueller report, I think it’s fair to say, did not deliver what Democrats were hoping for,” Camerota posed to Waters. “And so I think — ”

“Well … no, that is not true,” Waters interrupted. “That is not true. Don’t forget, there was ample information there for obstruction of justice, ample information. If you’re referring to the collusion part of it, it was not as strong, but there’s still a lot more to come about collusion, yes.”

She continued, “[W]hen you talk about what Mueller did, certainly, that report was not conclusive about collusion, but it gave us ample information about obstruction of justice, referring back to Comey and some of the other things that the president has done that certainly is obstruction of justice.”

    1. She and her Husband were part of a minority owned Bank that benefited from the Govt bailouts of the Banks during the 08 financial crisis not sure if that’s where all of their $4.1 Million is from but it had to be a significant chunk of it,she’s as corrupt as a yr is long

    2. MAXINE IS GETTING SCARED. SHE HAS BEEN INVESTIGATED 3-4 TIMES FOR FRAUD AGAINST THE United State Government. She had her daughter stuffing envelopes for $165,000. Wow! I sure as heck would like a job like that. Nasty, mouth Maxine is always somewhere where is trouble. She has shown in many ways she is the racist. She hates Americans and will do anything to undermine any Reps. She has been caught in lies, doesnt live in her own district because it is so crime filled and now,she hasthe homeless, the mental problem people, and Illegals turning all of Ca. into a rat infested garbage dump. People are rapidly moving out of the state. And it is people like Maxine Waters who contribute to this horrendous situation.

      1. She is one that needs to go immediately from Congress. This spectical of a person as I have no other words to call her is another weasel just like Sharpton.

        1. Maxine Waters and all the rest of the Democrats are liars,
          thieves and corrupt. The DOJ
          should investigate them.

          California is infected with all kind of deadly diseases and none of the Democrats are
          doing anything about it, except
          slandering our President.

          1. Sorry Lotte Johnson. If you’re waiting for barr, and Durham to do something, you’ll be waiting a long time. At first I thought they were worth something, but I now see, they are as bad as the ones from the past.


  1. This woman is a fruit loop to the max! There was no collusion and there was no obstruction! They just need to get over themselves! We aren’t buying anything they are selling and they all look like a bunch of fools! These supposedly we’ll educated, leaders of the greatest country on earth come off as spoiled little brats and are the laughing stock of the entire galaxy!

  2. Just remember this Maxine. What goes around comes around. Your state in itself is in the hotseat. God will not be mocked.

    1. Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier full of lies that started the witch hunt the found no wrong doing whatsoever by President Trump but let’s impeach him anyway!
      President Trump is right handed and I just saw him scratch his ass with his left hand, let’s impeach him for that!

  3. The Democrats have done nothing since November 2016, but engage in the longest, most pathetic infantile temper tantrums in U.S. History. They have not done a thing constructive or productive in the last three years. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein have not made any efforts to resolve the homeless problems in Kalifornia’s major cities. The Homeless camp out on the main business area thorough fares, use the streets as garbage bins and privies and are creating situations where the most horrible plagues of the Dark Ages are occurring. Law Officers coming in contact with these people are becoming ill and taking the illness home with them. Yet when back in Kalifornia these three vile harpies hide behind the gated compounds protected by armed security at our expense. If members of Congress have so little to do on Capitol Hill they mainly spend their time engaged in Democrat Party Partisan attacks on a duly elected President, his family and associates, ruining the life of a great patriotic General, and other associates of President Trump, then it is time to hold a national referendum to revamp Congress. In what other business can an employee take as many session breaks and vacations as members of Congress??? Where else can the employees give themselves a raise from the till. The Founders said Congress was not to be a career, but a service to the Nation and the People, with we the people the true government. So except for in the obvious case of the President and Vice President, why does a non-career elected office have a better benefit package and retirement plan than the military and Federal Law Enforcement???? Time to revamp pay and benefits plans and apply term limits to Congress. There are people in there that clearly have forgotten their place in the scheme of things.

  4. Democrats and rinos are done finally and are a dying breed thank god. They just handed our real American president 2020 on a silver platter. The real Americans see what is going on now and we will stand up to these anti American vermin once and for all.

  5. If there is any obstruction of justice, it is the Dem-O-Craps that are doing it. It is hard to think of even one of that bunch of cowards that is worth shooting.

  6. Maxine Waters, during one of her demented rants, suffers a heart attack and drops dead in front of her adoring fans.
    Well I can dream, can’t I?

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