Maxine Waters LOSES IT, Desperately Tries To SLANDER Trump

What was she thinking?

On CNN’s “OutFront,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, “outed” President Donald Trump as “the most corrupt man in America.”

Mulvaney later released a statement saying, “There was absolutely no quid pro quo between Ukrainian military aid and any investigation into the 2016 election.”

Waters said, “Well, that’s typical of Trump and all of his minions around him. They say what is on their mind asks then when they discover they’ve messed up they try to so-called walk it back. So Mulvaney said exactly what was going on. There was a quid pro quo. Absolutely. He can try and walk it back all he wants, but just think about this. The president is talking about the reason he’s into this altogether is simply he’s trying to get the president of the Ukraine to investigate corruption. He’s the most corrupt man in America, the president of the United States who has cheated, you know, contractor, subcontractors, won’t show his own tax returns to Americans, who has cheated students who in the fake university so-called up in New York, the Trump University and he’s talking about, he’s going all of the way to Ukraine so that he can get the president to investigate corruption. Give me a break. They’re liars. They’re cheaters. These are con men. So Mulvaney said exactly what was on his mind and he discovered he messed up. So you messed up, but you told the truth and guess what? You’re all going to get caught.”

On Mulvaney’s statement, Waters said, “He knew exactly what he was saying.  He didn’t just make a mistake. He was very clear and very deliberate. So Mulvaney, you just outed the president of the United States and all that’s going on around him with you and Giuliani and all of you involved, and so we get it, and it’s on record now and you can’t take it back.”

  1. Mad Maxine is a Moron. Who is running against you in 2020? They will win and you will be out on the street you fu….g MORON. Try to remember this idiot; The synonym for democrats is COLLECTIVE STUPID. Period, and you’re the ring leader of the circus you fu….g clown

  2. She is another reason that the criminal Democrat Party uses the “jackass as the criminal Party symbol for she is the poster girl for that symbol”!! She is giving all “criminal jackasses a bad name and she should be ashamed of herself for doing it and she should apologize to all the other Democrat jackasses in the world for doing it”!!!!

    1. she certainly knows how to call the kettle black Maxine My God the democ rats are relentless they must take turns staying up all night to think of all this crap. Trump 2020 God bless President Trump.

  3. so the democrats take people behind closed doors without them having any attorney present or witnesses. Interrogate them and twist their words and then later say they are lying. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Democrats are very desperate.

  4. She should just shut those big flappy lips of hers. Her nonsense is going to get someone hurt. More people being rung out of eating places, and she’s the big mouth that started all that. Maxine please STFU.

  5. You guys that run this site need to post a warning that clicking on anything with Maxine Waters may be dangerous to your health. I mean when I clicked on the headline and that ugly beast popped up, it nearly scared me to death. People with heart conditions might not live through a sudden shock like that.

  6. As a good human being it behooves me to warn Mad Maxine that Satan has a pit waiting for her right next to Cummings and opposite the ones waiting for Nancy and Chuckie…she may want to stick to cheating her constituents and keep her insanity to herself.

  7. Mad Max, There is one thing for sure President Trump is NOT EVIL like you are. He has NOT done anything as bad as you have, like the amount of money you gave your daughter for mailing election cards.
    President Trump is working for FREE, let’s see you try it.
    I hope this comes back and bites you in the as- at election time!

  8. MAD MAX WATER’S, is the MOST NASTIEST DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE person on EARTH ! She’s so will her no longer fits her ! With her prune UGLY FACE and her Volger mouth she’s not worth the power to BLOW her to HELL !!!
    IF I had a DOG that looked butt UGLY like. her I would SHAVE IT BUTT and teach it to walk backwards.

  9. Every time I look at Maxine’s face, it reminds me of a leather duffle bag that I pulled out of the corner of my basement after a water leak had destroyed it. I hear the DNC is low on cash. Perhaps they should set up an online auction that the highest bidder gets to rip that wig off Mad Maxine’s head, the one from the James Brown Collection.

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