Massive Surge In Arrests In Arizona – Here’s Why

Arizona has seen an increase in arrests, and they’re all in one category.

Border Patrol officials in the Tucson Sector report an increase in the number of arrests of single adult migrants this year. Agents apprehended nearly 90,000 so far this fiscal year.

Breitbart News

These are insane numbers.

Arizona is being flooded by migrants thanks to open-borders Joe Biden.

These numbers are also much higher than they were this time last year, so it’s definitely not something the Democrats can blame on President Trump.

That increase isn’t simply a numbers game either.

There’s a lot of other crimes mixed in with these arrests.

The border patrol even found 2 violent criminals who’d been deported once already!

This one was convicted of manslaughter.

And this one was convicted of exposing himself to a child.

Just how porous have America’s borders become?

Trump had this all under control, and Democrats are working frantically to undo all his good work.

But this goes beyond Presidents and politics.

If so many dangerous people are entering America just as the Biden Administration is loosening border controls, then that means our streets are less safe.

More and more illegal aliens and violent criminals will be roaming the streets looking to cause trouble, and with the ‘defund the police’ movement gaining traction, who will respond to your calls for help?

These are tough and unpleasant questions.

But they are questions we all need to be asking ourselves, so we can prepare as best we can for the damage the Biden Administration is inflicting on America.

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