MAGA Wedding Crashed by Surprise Guest

Here’s who it is…

President Trump unexpectedly dropped in on the wedding of PJ Mongelli and Nicole Marie Mongelli at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

The bride and groom are huge fans of the president, had dreamed of him attending their wedding and got engaged at the golf club in 2017.

As Trump talked with members of the family, a man approached him and shouted, “I’m the father, I’m the father! Thank you so much!”

“Great job. You did a good job,” Trump responded.

“Where’s the groom? Handsome — look at his shoulders,” Trump said. “Nobody’s gonna mess with him.”

“Staten Island is the greatest,” Trump said, when the groom told him told hundreds of guests from the borough would be attending a party later. “I love it. I’ll see if I can stop by.”

  1. Don’t think I would want to get married again, but would love to have THE PRESIDENT know how much I appreciate what he is doing.
    TRUMP 2020 for sure.

  2. Greatest President in the history of the United States of America. President Trump is keeping Our GREAT nation Free! This is what the democrats don’t want you to know.

    “All democrats are baby killers”. The democrats legalized murder by killing babies both inside and outside the womb. We all have the “right to be born”.

  3. What a great thing for POTUS to do. Those young people will NEVER forgot it. President Trump loves America and her citizens. He is a true Patriot. Best wishes to the Bride and Groom.

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