Look Who’s Trying To SCREW Trump Over Now

You will never believe who.

Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently posted an over eight minute long video to his Instagram taking veiled shots at President Trump’s handling of the George Floyd protests.

According to the Gateway Pundit, “The Rock” cheered on Black Lives Matter and condemned President Trump for his actions.

“The process to change has already begun. It’s going to take time. We’re going to get beat up. We’re going to take our lumps. There’s going to be blood. But the process to change has already begun,” Johnson said.

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: Military Times

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  1. What the heck has he ever done except say what some one has written in a script but he has no idea what it takes to be a real patriot and to support a president who knows what we Americans want and how to make it happen !

    1. Protest are conducted in a peaceful manner as MLK stated hundreds of times. When anyone at anytime commits a crime it’s now Criminal and being a Thug. The rioting is NOT FOR FLOYD it is now Antifa and Criminals causing problems. If anyone accepts that type of BEHAVIOR FROM ANYONE PERSON YOU ARE JUST A LOW LIFE CRIMINAL AS THEY ARE!!

  2. Hollyweird Countertculture has destroyed another one time Conservative. This makes me so sick I will never be able to watch another movie with him in it.

  3. While the death of George Floyd was horrendous, the protests, or should I say riots, are unjustified. Statistically more unarmed whites die in the hands of police than blacks, considering that this 13-14% of the population is responsible for almost half of reported crime. So, 10 unarmed blacks died as a result of police action versus 20 whites. And keep in mind that some of those deaths involved black police.
    So Daryl, picking a less than stellar person of the black population to riot over claiming “systematic racism” for a death that may not even be racially motivated is stupid, and blown out of proportion. Most of the rest of the people in this country do not agree with these riots, and the President is correct to act to stop them.

  4. Hate is a trait of the Devil. These idiots are promoting evil, unrest and the ruination of our Country. These dumb Hollywood people are so insane and brainless and are backed by liberal corrupt worthless Democratic politicians and the garbage, wicked Media. They aren’t Americans!!

  5. The Rock needs to understand that after the 8 years of that EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN Obozo setti g race relations back t on what it was before the Civil War that it can’t be fixed over night. As for those LIARS calling themselves Black Lives Matter if they want things different for Blacks they need to fight for all Blacks not just those killed by bad police persons. They also need to stop saying that all Whites are Racists. There are HATERS in all races and they need done away with. Mr. Floyd’s death was a tragic and unnecessary thing. But I have not heard anyone report that the officers involved said anything that could be taken as a racial slur. Those who are protesting and not impeding others from they own business should be left alone. Those not in Minnesota are wasting their time if they are doing it to change things there. Those who are committing crimes are COWARDLY THUGS and should be put down with lethal force. They are doing everyone a great disservice. They are INSULTING the family and loved ones of Mr. Floyd by using his good name as an excuse to commit crimes. They are also making life harder on all with their looting and burning of Businesses. Those will close and most won’t nor should they return. That hurts everyone both in lost jobs but in making it harder to get what the people need. So those who are trying to defend those COWARDLY THUGS stop it and get a brain so you can think and stop putting LIARS who do nothing in office. Look around and you will see more black lives are lost to Abortion and other Blacks than to all the bad cops in America.

  6. All cops are not Racist and all WHITES are not RACIST. By the way Rock there are more Black kills Blacks then Police Officer have ever killed Blacks.

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