Liz Cheney Desperate To Stay Relevant – This Claim Shows Her Big Ego

Liz Cheney has already been on a losing streak lately.

Most recently she got removed as House Republican Conference Chair, and before that she got censured by the Wyoming GOP for voting to impeach Trump.

She knows she’s up for a hard re-election battle after all this, yet she’s still trying to make it all about her and how great she is.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the embattled former Republican conference chair, during an interview Wednesday with the Wall Street Journal’s “Women, Power and Equity” event, said she sees her “re-election bid as a referendum on the future of the Republican Party.”

The Wyoming Republican said voters are “potentially facing a choice between what she sees as traditional conservative values and loyalty to former President Donald Trump.” She said she already sees the upcoming 2022 midterm election as being a difficult one for her.

Breitbart News

She seems to think she has something to do with the way national politics unfolds within America.

She’s already lost all her influence – there’s nothing she can do about that.

With the Wyoming Republican Party censuring her, it’s crazy she believes she’s got a chance at being re-elected.

Besides, Republican voters overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, so this ‘referendum’ has already been decided.

It was called the 2020 election, the same one that Cheney thinks Biden won fair and square.

She also thinks the voters of Wyoming owe her something.

She continued to say, “I really do think it’s one that will be a moment where the people of Wyoming can demonstrate to the country our commitment to the Constitution.” Cheney believes the race will be “very important in terms of the future of the party and the future of our republic.”

Breitbart News

She means demonstrate their obedience to her being their Representative.

This kind of arrogance is what puts people off voting.

That same arrogance will probably drive up Republican voter turnout, as patriots take their chance to vote her out of office.

And it’s about time too!

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  1. Liz stop embarrassing yourself and just accept the fact you’re not a republican. Nobody will vote for you , you’ve already proved you’re a loser and a closet democrat. You’re nothing but a pathetic mess.

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