LISTEN: General Flynn Slams Biden Administration For This Massive Cover-Up

General Mike Flynn did a recent radio interview with Rose Unplugged, where he spoke for a while about Covid-19.

The Biden Administration recently ended an inquiry into its origins as quietly as they could get away with.

That’s suspicious in itself.

Democrats are supposed to believe in science and research, but when it comes to something inconvenient, they can’t shut it down fast enough.

Seems that’s what’s happened with Covid now too.

General Flynn expressed some additional concerns about its origins:

General Flynn said his intuition is telling him that Covid was a weaponized operation by China.

“I believe something has happened,” Flynn said. “My intuition tells me….We’ve had over a year of people all over the world having to answer tough questions,” Flynn said Wednesday on 1320 AM WJAS.

“The people in this country are demanding answers. I believe we what we are going to find out is that this was a weaponized operation by Nation of China with some collaboration with other countries…”

The Gateway Pundit

He’s right that it’s been a long time without a definitive answer about what or who caused Covid.

And people have had enough of waiting around without that answer.

Here’s General Flynn’s full radio interview with Rose Unplugged:

Whether it’s China or not remains to be seen, but for many Americans they are the prime suspects.

Regardless of where Covid came from, it’s hard to deny it’s been very beneficial for the globalist elites.

So it’s highly likely it was released by design, and hopefully all will be revealed soon enough.

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