Lindsey Graham Leaves Schiff SHAKING In His BOOTS

It’s all about to come out now!

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff lost it when Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham decided to call in Robert Mueller to testify about the Democrats’ PHONY Trump-Russia investigation.

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, since the DOJ has declassified countless new documents, Schiff is nervous and coming up with reasons to prevent Mueller from testifying.

“I suspect that all Lindsey Graham wants to do is continue his counter-factual counter-narrative, that is that Donald Trump is somehow the victim when Donald Trump was the one inviting Russians to help him get elected in the first place,” Schiff stated

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. The bad thing about Lindsey Graham is that he is all show and no go. He is scared to call Ovomit or Biden to testify because he “doesn’t want to set a bad precedent” but it is OK with him what the communist-democrats have done to President Trump for the past four years. Just whose side is he on?

  2. Hmmmm, we’ll see where this goes. Graham has at times made me happy and other times really ticked me off. There has been so much that I think should be investigated or people charged only to see nothing happen. From Hillary’s Russian Uranium One and bathroom server to the IRS and Fast and Furious.

  3. Schiff is such a liar that I would not believe him if he said his name was Schiff. After millions of spent dollars and 2 years of wasted time, the Mueller report came back with “no evidence of any Russian collusion”. So, apparently Schiff does not believe Mueller either. What a waste. And it was Obama who said to a Russian in front of an open microphone, “when the election is over, I can be more flexible”. Can you just imagine if Trump had done that – OMG. Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler and Schummer need to go. They have done thing but continue the witch hunt that Obama and his lawless FBI and CIA started. It has to end. These people are destroying this country.

  4. Graham seems like he doesn’t know whether he wants to be a republican or a RINO. But when he decides to be a republican he goes all out. As for pencil neck, it doesn’t take much to scare that twerp.

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