Liberals TERRIFIED After What Mitch McConnell Just Said

They should be…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) bragged about President Donald Trump’s success in leaving a lasting impact on the federal judiciary during the president’s rally in his home state on Monday night.

McConnell said that he and Trump are “changing the federal courts forever,” by confirming almost 160 federal judges over the past three years:

“Nobody’s done more to change the court system in the history of our country than Donald Trump. And Mr. President, we’re going to keep on doing it. My motto is: Leave no vacancy behind.”

Trump touted his record on confirming federal judges and pointed to President Barack Obama’s failure to fill the vacancies, “President Obama left Mitch, and me, and Rand, and all of us, he left 142 openings for judges, you’re not supposed to allow any, you don’t do that.”

Src: True Pundit

  1. If there is any chance that this country survives, it will be by putting good conservative judges on the bench. We have seen the lunatics that the democrats has appointed to judgeships.

  2. McConnell, thank you for helping to get these judges in place. However, I am disappointed in your sitting back and doing nothing to fight for our president, they gang up on him and you and the rest of you sit back and do nothing. Trump needs help instead of his fighting alone. To be sure, we the people are all watching and will know who is worthy of being re-elected again – and that means YOU too!

  3. It wasn’t a mistake that the Kenyan left so many judicial vacancies. These were the prize payoffs Hillary promised her supporters and they all thought she would win and leave a legacy of liberal judges and justices in her wake. Problem is something happened on the way to the presidency and Donald Trump was able to take advantage. They say McConnell held up the confirmations but if he did he did it to gain favor with Clinton because, once again, he and everyone else thought she would win. Trump winning has restored my faith that God really is watching.

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