Liberals LOSE IT Over Virginia Church Sign

That’s a lot of outrage over just 6 words…

The sign outside a Virginia church reads “America: Love it or leave it,” and enraged liberals have chosen to take issue with this.

Pastor E.W. Lucas informs local news outlets that the sign brought to the Appomattox church brought some participants out of the Sunday service.

Lucas claims he is still standing by the symbol of the Friendship Baptist Church, which he said is intended to create a declaration about the Washington, D.C. political divisions.

The pastor said individuals who want to criticize the president and the nation should “go over there and live in these other countries for a little while.”

His remark echoes President Donald Trump, who earlier tweeted that four minority congresswomen should return to “the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

It’s good to see that Americans are standing with and backing up our President, Donald Trump.

  1. If you don’t like the sign take another route to your destination. If you don’t live there shut up.

  2. If you hate President Trump, America, our flag, our anthem, our Christian values then you hate God, too and must leave America!!

  3. I agree, you don’t love this country you should explore your desires in a different country and if you are happy good bless you, but if you don’t want to stay there and you want to come home you should have to sign a lot of paperwork saying you agree to shut your stupid mouth or you can continue you quest elsewhere because you will never change this country to suit your expectations. This country is in the hands of the Lord, and through the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence we where freed and will stay that way. God bless America, and The President and his family, from sea to shining sea.

  4. If these brats in the Democrat Party get their way, the country will be America in name only. It is time to end them.

  5. 2020 can be our chance to put the Democratic Party in the irrelevant category where they belong.
    Would love to see the top two parties as Republicans and Independents. With the Dems as a distant third.

  6. His remark echoes President Donald Trump, who earlier tweeted that four minority congresswomen should return to “the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

    You couldn’t be more wrong. This is what leftist Democrats want you to think. The gist of what Trump sId is to challenge them to go back to these countries, fix them, then come back and show us how it is done. Go back and read the three tweets. Your headline is also wrong. These critics intolerance shows they are NOT liberals. This is like going alone with antics as the name for these domestic terrorists, when they are clearly fascists.

  7. I have said for years that our children should have to live in a 3rd. world country and see how lucky they have it. I moved to the Philippines in the 70’s with air force hubby. We adopted a child while there. She never got to know truly how other children there had it hard. She was 7 weeks when I got her. Today she is 44. I loved living in the Philippines. The people were poor but they are lovely people. I just think kids are so selfish and use to getting what they want. They treat their parents nasty. Not all kids. There are GREAT KIDS out there. The kind you wish your kid was like. So I can understand the sentiment on the church sign. People are tired of what the democrat have done. Their party is a disgrace and super social now because of the 4 odd squad. I know you don’t like Trump but he speaks for America. WE ARE TIRED OF THE 4 ODD SQUAD AND HOW THEY TRASH AMERICA WHETHER THEY WERE BORN IN AMERICA OR NOT. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS AOC. AND NONE OF YOU HAVE ACTED LIKE YOU EVEN LOVE AMERICA. GOD bless you and may he guide you to do what is right.

  8. When our nation was young, we depended upon the pulpit to spread word about everything. Many couldn’t read they needed someone they could trust to bring them the word of our nation as well as the word of god. Sunday was also a family event.not just the parents and children but where everyone sat at a table to talk of events and allowing young men and women to see who was available for marriage, so they could start their own families. they worked hard at being successful to show the ladies that they could provide and parents who usually arranged many of the marriages. Today we have government working diligently to keep people ignorant unable to read or write. Passing legislation that work to separate families instead of uniting them. Working hard to remove God from our classrooms or any public place that might “offend” the deviant who cannot stand the sight or presence of any christian god.. Now they work to control what is said or displayed without or within a church or any place where people gather. Now people must depend upon the media for their information and media that doesn’t fit their standards is removed to “protect” the people. The left wants to control us. they can’t, don’t by force, so they must destroy the cohesion of the people. it starts with the family. They must destroy any way that brings the nations problems public.this is done by removing freedom of speech. Lastly they must remove our ability to resist. So they must remove our ability to have arms. It has been the same direction any dictator takes. America has a constitution that must be removed before they can rule. Again I apologize if I wander because the last few days have been fatal with back pain and I fear it filters into what I thanks for reading and understanding my problem. So many give me support and push me to go on. to all these friends I give thanks. my time grows short as I hear deaths footfalls approaching so If I wander around my subject you all will know why. Thanks again —–Grampa

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