Liberal Host Resorts To PETTY Name Calling

These people have lost.

Recently MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch chastised President Trump after he announced ending negotiations with Nancy Pelosi.

Deutsch stated, “[S]tarting with the unhinged performance at the debate, Donald Trump looks like a loser, smells like a loser, and I believe you’re going to see more of this abhorrent behavior, this almost self-destructive, you know, I’m going to burn everything down with me in every way you can imagine now — whether it means I’m going to try to start a war. You know, you have to take your imagination to places it hasn’t gone before. And I think yesterday’s example of literally you couldn’t do anything more self-destructive both to the country and to yourself. So that’s where I’m going, we’re heading into this burn the house down mentality. And if you want to contrast the two campaigns, if you look at the last 36 hours, you see Trump, you know, as Mussolini up on that, you know, balcony and you see what he did yesterday with the stimulus, and then you contrast Joe Biden’s speech yesterday, which was the speech of a winner.”

Read and watch a clip of the rant here.

Image Credit: Variety

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