Liberal Host LOSES It Over Trump

He’s gone insane.

According to Breitbart News, NBC anchor Chuck Todd attacked President Donald Trump for refusing to concede the elction.

Todd said, “Nearly two weeks after an election contest won by Joe Biden by more than 5.5 million votes so far and a comfortable electoral vote margin, the country is facing two interconnected crises. One, the President of the United States refuses to concede the election, claiming falsely that it was somehow stolen. His attorney general is currently encouraging investigations into voter fraud, despite a lack of evidence that any exists. His secretary of state is suggesting the president will be inaugurated for a second term. Perhaps he was kidding. The president fired his defense secretary and filling the Defense Department with loyalists, some of whom traffic in conspiracy theories. If this were happening anywhere else, our State Department would be issuing grim reports about the future of that country’s democracy. But that country is this country. It’s happening here.”

He added, “Making matters worse, the administration is refusing to allow Biden’s team access to secure communications and classified briefings including Operation Warp Speed, which covers vaccination distribution for the exploding COVID crisis. In fact, this is happening as President Trump is all but ignoring the pandemic, reportedly not even met with his own COVID task force in at least five months. The pandemic is at its highest peak yet. In just the last week, 31 states report records for new cases, and the last six states have seen the highest case counts nationwide. In short, President Trump is refusing to acknowledge two realities, his defeat, and COVID-19. But the virus does not care, as it continues its march across the country doing exactly what experts have long predicted it would do.” You can watch a clip of Todd’s remarks here.

Image credit: Vox

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  1. Chuck Todd is part of the Leftist swamp that needs to be destroyed. His claim that there was no election fraud is ludicrous as the evidence of such fraud is overwhelming. My advice to Chuck is “REMOVE YOUR HEAD FROM YOUR BUTT AND START BEING A JOURNALIST INSTEAD OF A LEFTIST PROPAGANDIST.” Chuck, your lying is part of the problem. I guess a civil war where people like you are eliminated may be the only answer to save our nation.

  2. Hey Li’l Chuckie Todd – how can anyone believe what you say and take you seriously, when you insist upon doing that forward combo over, thinking that the viewers do not know you are bald. Embrace it, Chuck. Some of the sexiest men alive are bald.

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