Liberal Host Delivers HEAVY BLOW To Trump’s Campaign

He just can’t get enough of Trump.

According to Breitbart News, MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch attacked President Donald Trump stating that his coronavirus response is poor because “he doesn’t want to win” the 2020 election and “he doesn’t want to be there anymore.”

“The only kind of psychological explanation I can give, not being a doctor, only playing one on TV, is … the level of narcissism that he cannot move off of where he was,” Deutsch outlined.. “‘No, I am right, everybody else is wrong. Every poll is wrong. I am right. Every adviser is wrong, I am right,’ is the only explanation because there is no rational explanation. The polls are so stunning, whether it’s 75-80% were on the wrong track, whether it’s every poll about how to handle [coronavirus] and he’s doing the exact opposite … even in the deepest red states.”

He continued, “So, there is no logic other than the one that I keep coming back to that you’ve thrown out there, is that he doesn’t want to win. He doesn’t want to be there anymore. There’s no explanation. We could get 100 of the greatest pundits in the world. We can get 100 psychologists. There is no explanation. The only rational explanation is an irrational one — that this guy, come November 2, November 3, on some level doesn’t want to be there. I can’t come up with it. I wish I had an answer for you, Joe. I’ve known him for 20 years. It defies every logical explanation.” You can watch a clip of Deutsch’s remarks here.

Image credit: GV Wire

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  1. Liberal Media and Democrap politician re nothing but liars. They couldn’t tell the truth if they had too.. They have become bitter, evil, hateful and dumb people. Now will refer to them as gutter rats!

  2. Oh little Donny, you are such a good useful moron for the left. Sit boy, sit, here’s your treat. Now, roll over Donny, roll over…good boy.

  3. MSNBC puts out a story like this? Don’t they realize that only a dozen people in the whole world watch this useless waste of air time and electricity? They would have 2 dozen viewers if CNN was out of business.

  4. Well Donny, once again bias A$$. I cannot think of anyone who could have handled corona better, Besides, it was and is up to local politicians to handle their states. Cuomo spent tax money foolishly and did not have medical supplies on stand by, NOT TRUMPS FAULT, Then when Trump supplied him with thousands of hospital beds he didn’t use, ventilators, and PPE that Cuomo should have had, NOT TRUMPS FAULT, Local heads of states were responsible for those things not Federal, Lets put the responsibility where it truly lies, But no Trump gets blamed for anything and everything negative. Your all a bunch of cry babies from the time he was elected. Well get out the tissues cause he is going to win again, TRUMP2020

  5. Donny Deutsch must be a total idiot if he thinks for a minisecond that Trump does not want to win. If Deutsch ever had any credibility, he lost it with that stupid remark. As Trump says, FAKE NEWS!!

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