Liberal Host BEGS Democrats To Do THIS

You won’t believe what he said.

According to Breitbart News, HBO host Bill Maher attacked Amy Coney Barrett by begging Democrats to make her religion an issue.

Maher said, “Democrats have to stop talking about packing the Supreme Court. Because it’s already packed, with Catholics…and once Mitch McConnell and company are done Fed-Exing Amy Coney Barrett to the bench, seven of the nine justices will be Catholic. And look, I have nothing against Catholics, except my entire upbringing. But they are only 20% of the population. If seven out of nine justices were Jews or Muslims or Buddhists would that be okay? And if faith is this super important element of life, as Barrett and her Republican supporters say it is, shouldn’t we have a healthier balance on our highest court?”

Maher stated, “And atheists actually make better judges. Because we don’t have to work to separate church and state. We’re not torn between rational decision-making and what it says in the old book of Jewish fairy tales.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: NBC News

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  1. Maher is another media hack that falls under the category of who gives a rats ass what you think. Cattholics are 20% of the population so they aren’t worthy. Gays are 3 % and cause havoc, Blacks are around 10 and look what they have done. If hat big nosed PIG want talk religion, Damn I hope he was never raised Catholic. If we removed all the Jews from the Senate and House we would be in single digits. ACB is VERY Qualified. Seems she kicked the ass of every Democrat in that chamber , and never raised her voice, broke a sweat or used notes. Smartest person in the room. So of course they hate her. Not sure why they are so upset, John Robert is their puppet. Breyer, Thomas and Allitto are going to retire soon. Pray Trump is in office and we DO NOT LOOSE THE SENATE, The Left will ll commit suicide if that happens. Wow, Christmas would come early! Yes Maher Christmas

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