Liberal HACK Makes Outrageous 2024 Prediction

Liberal media is such a joke.

Recently on MSNBC, national affairs analyst John Heilemann slandered President Trump and the GOP by claiming that the Republican party was looking for a presidential candidate that is “another white grievance racist, sexist” like Trump but more civilized.

According to Breitbart, Heilemann stated,  “All they’re looking for now is a slightly more civilized Donald Trump. That’s why they think things are still going fine for the party because they look at the House results, the Senate results and say we’re doing fine. If we can just get a Donald Trump who is not quite such a thug, not quite so unpalatable to so many people, we can find a more— another white grievance racist, sexist, all of those things, we can find another candidate like that but not one who doesn’t have quite the rough edges, we’ll be in shape. That’s what the Republican Party is heading for and what their goal is as they head towards 2024.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. The only Republican I am going to vote for as president in 2024 is Donald Trump. When you have a man like him accomplish all the things he has in 4 years, loves the American citizens and the country of the US, and works 20 hours a day and takes no salary, really, who could replace him in our eyes. No one. Trump 2024!

  2. I have said it before but mostly toungue in cheek, but in reality I saw what a real leader can do uder preeident Trump. It blows my mind how anyone , even a Liberal is so blind or confused to not see what president Trump has done in less than 4 years . This nation returned to where it needed to be the leaders of the world. very low unemployment for all nationalities, rapidly raising middle class wages, th best business conditions ince WW2, trading plans that are fair for the US and rest of the world, bringing our military back home or to where they are truly needd, brining peace to nations that have been warring for centuries, very importantly a Southern border wall to keep our sovernity controlled. Also president Trump has done all of this while not taking huge amounts of money for himself, VERY UNLIKE BOTH WINNING AND DEFEATED POLITIIANS FOR MANY DECADES OUR TREASURY SHOULD BE UNSTRAINED !

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