Lesbian Couple Plans to Turn 5-Year-Old Boy into Girl

The Daily Mail has reported that a transgender couple is making arrangements to transition their 5-year-old son from male to female.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Greg and Jody Rogers were both born female. Yet at 16, Greg choose to undergo the transition to male. Now the couple identifies as straight.

They claim that Jody’s 5-year-old son Jayden, whom they share custody of, has worn dresses for the past year. The couple insists that Jayden has made this decision and that they have not coerced the child.

“We haven’t encouraged Jayden to do this, despite what people think, and we are hurt at the suggestion,” Greg said.

An immediate wave of common sense was unleashed upon the couple as sex-change hormones will permanently alter the person. Many are questioning how such a young child could make such serious decision.

Even one of the parents expressed their concern, with Greg admitting, “Having been through this myself, I have conflicting emotions about her deciding she doesn’t want to be a boy any more. It’s not an easy life. People will always judge you and I don’t think there is a single transgender person on the planet who would push that on a child.”

Greg went further to declare that it was still far too early to begin hormone treatment and that in the meantime Jayden would attend counseling in order “to explore who she is.”

How can a parent, especially one who so fully understands the consequences of these actions, endorse such thoughts in someone with so little experience in life?

  1. When the perversion of Satan enters women such as this and they are allowed to convert children to the ways of Satan and they are allowed to do this by the courts in America that is the true perversion of the leftist. In time they will rot in hell the damage they have done. Gays are nothing less than the spawns of Satan and that is the truth

  2. “[S]he’s got a ticket to hell.
    [S]he’s got a ticket to he-e-ell.
    [S]he’s got a ticket to hell,
    But [s]he don’t care.”

  3. These people are sick, and twisted they are looking for attention using there child. Thank you social media for creating the “look at me movement” of trash and distorted thinking. You will pay the ultimate price for your sick perverted distortion of what gods plan was for your child. God created all of us and he doesn’t make mistakes. You are an embarrassment to human life.

  4. I pray to God that these sick bitches snd bastards that are messed up in the head start feeling KARMA coming into their lives DESTROYING THEM so we AMERICANS can get all you weird fucked up atheist disgusting ignorant asshols out of our GOD CREATED WORLD where once upon a time had Americans and not all these fuking IMMIGRANTS that are putting their FUCKED UP BELIEFS IN OUR WEAK MINDED MELINIALS.

  5. This is disgusting and disturbing. Nobody should be able to get young child a sex change and whatever doctor that is willing to perform a reckless procedure such as a sex change on a 5 year old should loose their medical license and their ability to perscribe drugs.
    A five year old child cant decide what they want to eat usually htf are they going to make a permanent life changing decision. I would strongly suspect that they are just wanting to make their parents happy by following in dad well mom 2 happy by having a sex change just like the father/mother did years ago. Never mind that the kid is not even close to starting puberty let alone finishing puberty and a pre puberty sex change just sounds reckless and will create a lifetime of health problems and god only knows what the drugs used for a sex change will do to a child who is not close to puberty years..
    This just proves that it is far to easy for a person to get a sex change these days. I would like to see things go back to the way it used to be that took years of psychological testing, therapy and counseling before a person could be approved for a sex change and the person had to be able to pay out of pocket since insurance would not cover it because it is not a medical necessity to have a sex change. Where today it is as easy to get a sex change as it is to go to Walmart or a shopping mall. Never mind that the mental health side of being a post op sex change is going to be pretty difficult to transition from one natural sex to an artificial surgical sex change. Never mind the hell that a kid will face going to school. Kids are brutally honest and can be extremely mean to other kids let alone a kid who was a boy last year being a girl the next year. That kid is going to experience a ton of teasing, bullying, groping and possibly a few sexual assaults over the years from other students wanting to see what the hell the doctors did with the boy parts and how they were able to turn thjngs into lady parts. The issue of puberty could also be a big problem and could also trigger some serious mental health problems since the brain chemistry is going to be out of whack from the puberty, the natural male hormones and testosterone and the artificial female hormones interactions in the brain. As it is natural have a hard time going through puberty without having to take a ton of hormones and other medications required to create a sex change that early.
    The parents and the medical professionals should face criminal charges along the lines of child abuse and neglect for allowing a very young child to have a sex change. That should be criminal and mentally ill to be fine with getting a 5year old a sex change when the child is unable to make a decision that will effect them for the rest of their life. Its not like they can get the procedure reversed and become male again. God knows that they will never be able to create a child or anything else that is natural for a natural man and woman to do. Along with the fact that it is going to be hard to find a man or woman that is going to be ok with the situation and eliminates their ability to have a child the normal way that has been going on as long as men and women have walked the earth. At least if they were gay a gay man knows that its going to be impossible to create a life and have a child the same with women. But if they have a traditional male female relationship it will be impossible.
    What about the fact that if the little boy does become a little girl what happens when she is not developing like all the other girls are and would be at its age. That on its own traditionally results in a ton of teasing and bullying. While boys are extremely brutal girls can be just as horrible at those ages.
    Some how I really doubt that the little boy has even thought about that and they don’t have a clue about what puberty is and what its like for a normal kid let alone as a kid who had a sex change at a very very young age. In fact too young. Personally I think that it should be a law that requires a person to be at least 25 years old and has lived as the opposite sex for a minimum of five years . With no exceptions allowed. Call me old fashioned but I find it very disgusting that a person can easily get a sex change these days. While I dont agree with people who get sex change Operations. I think it is their body and life to do what they wish. But I think that it is way too easy to get these days and it will probably create a ton of other problems. Such as wanting to get it reversed if they find they did not enjoy life as the opposite sex and want to go back to their natural sex. Or if they concealed that they aee not natural and had a procedure done to make a transformation to the alternate sex. That could make their lover feel like they were tricked or lied to or deceived by the transgender person like false advertising. Or the simple fact that they will never be able to create a life and have a baby. They would have to adopt. Thats can be difficult for a kid to begin with let alone that kid could develop some anger that they were forced to have a parent who was once a man but is now a woman well woman like since they will never be a true woman. They only look like a woman when they are more like a bearded lady at a carnival or circus side show.
    The entire thing is wrong and disgusting that anyone would ever seriously consider being part of a sex change on a 5 year old. That is morally wrong, disgusting , medical wrong, ethically wrong and should be a criminal offense for doing something like this to a child who has a hard time deciding whether to have cake or icecream or cookies for desert or what game to play. Kids need to be kids and have a normal childhood. Otherwise as an adult they might try and relive their childhood instead of living like an adult should be in their adult years.

  6. These people are mentally ill for even considering this. I think that by allowing this procedure is child abuse since the kid is too young in any country to even make this decision for themselves. Let alone any doctor who is actually fine with doing something like this. Any doctor who is ok performing a procedure like this on a 5 year old should loose their medical license and are mentally ill to even think about doing this to a young child.
    Anyone who is ok with a five year old getting a sex change belongs in the nearest mental hospital and is criminally insane for doing something like this. This is a very big factor in why the world is as screwed up as it is these days.
    I could care less about an adult who gets a sex change as long as they are not in a sexual relationship with me. I am a straight man and have zero intrest in having sex with a woman who was once a man. Anyone who has had a sex change and does not tell a person who they are intimate with that they had a sex change till after they have been sexual is wrong and they deserve whatever happens to them since they created the problem with their exclusion that they were born as a different sex from what they currently are. All it takes is being honest with the person before they have sex.
    This crap is just plain wrong and disgusting. Its Its also a crime against nature and God when stuff like this is going on or being considered for a very young child who has only been potty trained for a few years and is not even in puberty. I don’t agree with anyone performing a sex change on a child who has not completed puberty ever and that they are playing with nature and not in a good way. Let alone a parent who thinks that it is a good thing to allow their five year old to have a sex change. Boys do not want to wear a dress or any girls clothes for that matter and I suspect that they lesbian parents probably did encourage this type of behavior from their little boy. Sorry but little boys do not normally think about getting a sex change or being something that they are not such as wanting to become a girl. They are normally all about getting dirty and being a boy. They are not going to be playing house or with girls toys unless thats all they have to play with at home. The parents being women have no clue what is normal behavior of little boys. Its not like they were ever a little boy. Getting a sex change is a medical procedure and will only make you look like the opposite sex but will never actually be able to conceive a child no matter what they think or want.
    I simply do not agree and find this very disturbing and disgusting and morally wrong and criminal.

    1. “Mentally ill” = secularist euphemism for “spiritually sick.”
      “Mental illness” is not a neurological disorder, though it may result in part. It is a disorder of the mind, not of the brain.
      Cutting pieces off male children’s penises has been customarily acceptable since the anti-masturbation frenzy of the late 19th through much of the 20th. Once penis trimming is allowed to be done, who is to say how much is too much to cut off?

  7. Thou shall smite you for this abomination! This is a crime against nature and morally wrong and disgusting. This is why only traditional people should have children. Thry will cause this confused little boy permanent harm and probably serious mental health problems later in life. The child should be removed from the lesbian or whatever the hell the parents are. They dam sure are not good parents or even acceptable as a parental unit.

  8. Silly dykes, Dicks are for chicks! Anyone else notice how this crap is becoming more and more common since gay marriage has become accepted more and more. I definitely think that it negatively affects any children being raised by gay or lesbian parents. If nature intended for anything else besides a male and female to create life they would be able to. But since we know that it is only possible to reproduce when it is a man or woman they are the only ones who should be raising children.

  9. Rather than allow mental illness and perversion to be the rule of the day, we need to stop it by legal means, but more importantly, medical. There is a pharmaceutical company testing a drug that will offer pregnant mothers the opportunity not to give birth to gay male children, which is the beginning of the correct thinking that will also end transgender. Probably, will not be sold in the U.S. due to its legal system but pregnant mothers or those thinking of becoming pregnant will be able to travel overseas to get the drug.

  10. The decession thsee parents are making are immoral. The ungodly decssion to live their life in an un natural manner is their choice. However, to impose, force this lifestyle on to a baby, a child, it’s an unacceptable outrage that should never be permitted!!!!!!

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