Leftist Protests ERUPT At Salute To America Event

The left have started to get out of hand…

Multiple protesters were detained in the nation’s capital after a protest got out of hand, with communists burning the American flag outside of the White House prior to the “Salute to America” event.

“Tomorrow on the Fourth of July, I am going to be [burning the American flag] right here … in front of the White House,” he said.

“I’m going to be speaking to the people of the world letting them know that there are people inside the borders of this country who stand with the people of the world,” he added.

  1. Disgusting people who clearly have no respect for themselves let alone the great country in which they live. They will never be happy, never be grateful, never be true Americans – I have little doubt that most of them are ‘freeloaders’ who are leeches upon the ‘true Americans’ the middle class who day after day, month after month, and year after year have their just earnings taken from them in taxes to give succour to the work-shy moaners who never know when they are well off. The same is happening here in the U.K. – they make me sick!

  2. He should have been arrested when he first spoke about burning the flag. Real Americans would be proud to wave the flag and salute it. Only traitors would do such a thing.

    1. Yep Estell. If that were me or you posting something like that, the secret service would be pounding down our door. They let things get out of hand by not stopping it in the beginning. These people should all be sent to a country that is horrid, and let them see how truly great America is. Dumb asses.

  3. I have noticed that the left side persons seem to have a strong sense of hate to anything not left enough. Right minded persons usually try to quietly bring the disagreement down and cool. Why do dems hate their life? Why do they hate America, the wealthiest, freest, nicest, most beautiful country in the whole world ?

  4. ‘TOMMY’ by Rudyard Kipling.
    I know that poetry is not in fashion, so they say, but if you really love your country and the men and women who hold it all together ……..and you see some members of the mob desecrating your flag ….then spare a few moments to read one of my favourite poems by Rudyard Kipling. Yes, he loved his country, Britain, and he made no bones about it.
    So, if the desecration of your flag enrages you – read this piece in praise of ‘Tommy’, because it applies to all,of our brave military, boys and girls.
    If you TRULY love America, as I love England, then these words will give you pause time you come across one of your MANY heroes.
    Your time will be well spent if you honestly respect those who protect t you – ALL!OF YOUR LIVES.
    Please be patient with the ‘vernacular’ Kipling uses and try and understand it is meant to have been written by an ordinary soldier. (PS. Incidentally, NONE of them are ‘ordinary’ they are true patriots – and your current President will vouch fir that truth.)

  5. “The left have STARTED to get out of hand.” Really? The author of this piece must have been sleeping under a rock for the past 3 years!

  6. These are the IDIOTS that Democraps want putting people in charge of this Nation people who HATE it and all it stands for. Which means they the Democraps HATE America.

  7. The Left has been out of hand eight years before a real American President Trump arrived to save the country. I hope legislation is put into place to save our flag from onerous ignorant Commies. That squirrel unit call attifa or some screwed up name, should be placed on the 24/7 list of miserable Terrorists List. What they are doing is total criminal and they will not stop at killing someone. Don’t wait till they murder someone, knock them out now!!

  8. America, love her or leave her period end of story!! This guy would fit right in the new Venezuela and that’s where he belongs!!

  9. Next time we see this kind of protest, selfish, dishonorable and illiterate, form a
    HUGE circle AROUND them and SING The National Anthem, America The Beautiful, Proud to be an American. No counter-protest. No fights. If they want to burn Old Glory, bring our own on ten-foot poles! Fight their fire with our RESOLVE!

  10. You people are nothing but losers and animals. If you don’t like it in the USA leave. God bless the Veteran who put out the fire on the flag.

  11. I’ll bet that these same crybaby leftists were out in the streets waving the flag and chanting USA after Obama declared that the military had taken out Osama bin Lauden,they are hypocrites,and Antifa should be declared a Nat terrorist group and arrest them on the spot for inciting violence,only a coward hides behind a mask.

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