Kellyanne Conway Totally EXPOSES Adam Schiff

Everyone knows Schiff is lying, but is he actually willing to go THIS far?

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, told Fox News on Friday that whoever interviews House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on television or asks him for a public statement in the halls of Congress should first make him swear on the Bible to tell the truth.

“In the case of Adam Schiff, I just have to say anybody who has him on TV, anybody who listens or asks him for a public statement in the halls of congress ought to first hand him a Bible, remind him what it is and have him swear under oath that he’s gonna tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” she told “America’s Newsroom.”

“This is someone who lied to America for years, lied the day before the Mueller report came out there was evidence of collusion in plain sight, plenty of it, lying to congress. Now he’s working in secret, and this is a problem for the country. We have suffered through Adam Schiff being in front of the cameras for years. The one time there would actually be a public benefit from Adam Schiff being in front of the cameras when he’s having these depositions, we can’t see what he is doing,” Conway said.

Asked to for the White House’s response on the Durham investigation becoming a criminal investigation just days after learning that the probe has widened, Conway said, “That’s up to the Department of Justice obviously.

“And I would just say if people have nothing to hide about the shenanigans and malfeasance they may have been committing in the 2016 election, then they have nothing to worry about, but I do have to wonder why the same people who put this country through 2 plus years, $35 million of taxpayer money, 500 witnesses, thousands of subpoenas, the whole nine yards and the Mueller investigation went nowhere don’t think that we should try to get to the bottom of what other people may have been doing to try to influence or subvert the 2016 election results?” she said.

“We already know that they were looking for an ‘insurance policy.’ We already know that people like Page and Strzok and Ohr and Ohr and Mccabe are household names now, and the country has a right to know. You know what? We who were involved in the trump campaign. I was the campaign manager. You know what we’re guilty of? The best political upset in American history in modern political history,” Conway said.

“If other people are guilty of obstructing justice or destroying evidence, we have a right to know, and I’m patient enough to let the process unfold, and I just can’t believe that folks who are for transparency and sunlight and investigations and facts first are already trying to get in the way of this,” she added.

Asked to whether Reps. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Schiff, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, are correct that the DOJ is being used as a tool for political retribution, Conway said, “No, the point of the investigation is to make sure the DOJ and FBI under the Obama administration in 2016 was not being used as a tool to influence the elections.

“So I would actually fact check it by taking out Trump administration and putting in the last administration. Why wouldn’t we want to know a year, Sandra, before the next election? Don’t we have a right to know if people who the taxpayers are funding at the highest levels of our Department of Justice and FBI, if they were or were not subverting justice and trying to interfere with the elections?” she said.

“Again, what are they afraid of? If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to be afraid of, but there is conflicting testimony by some of these folks. We’ve seen some of the text messages. Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS has taken the fifth and said very little. So what are we afraid of?” Conway said.

Src: CNS News

  1. Deep State Wray troubles me.
    He’s been driving the bus and will not let go of the wheel.
    Still hiding, redacting, uncooperative with the justice department. It’s been over a year and he does not appear to be with the program.

    1. I agree 100%. Wray should have long ago been fired. I think he may actually involved in the corruption with the rest of the top FBI and DOJ.

    1. Absolutely & all of us who were watching him on TV saw President Trump’s conversation with the President of Ukraine & then we hears right on national TV Schiffs lying interpretation of President Trump. Just like Biden bribing Ukraine & having someone fired which he was . This so unbelievable & wrong. They are never made accountable for their lies & deceit etc etc. These democ rats must be stopped start making the accountable for their actions.

    2. The source the whistle blower! Adam Schiff says we may not to hear testimony from the whistle blower, our main source of information about something, not sure what but it doesn’t matter we have enough hearsay witnesses, like if three people tell the same lie it must be true right? Wrong Schiff, there is no whistle blower, you made it all up like you did President Trumps phone conversation.
      Why are you hiding Schiff? When the Republicans stormed your Communist bunker why did you run away with what everyone seems to think was a witness, that wasn’t a witness that was a prop besides witness to what? All of your so called witnesses can’t provide any facts, all they can provide is hearsay and you don’t want the Republicans to cross examine your phony witnesses because you know that they will expose them to the American public for what they are and what you are! FRAUDS, LIARS, LEAKERS and TRAITORS to your oath of office and to the American people! Witch hunt one lasted two and a half years and cost taxpayer’s over 40 million dollars and was a dud!
      The follow up hearing was another dud! the phony democrats and their phony investigators did manage to drag the phony investigation out until after the 2018 midterms, keeping a shroud of doubt over President Trump which enabled democrats to win back the House of Representative. Now your intent is to drag this charade out until after the 2020 election thinking that you will be able to steal the election but it is going to work, the American people are smarter than you think besides the democrats don’t have a real or sane candidate!
      Anyone that believes in global warming, the new green deal or that the world is going to end in 12 years I would like to point out what some of you may already know but just so everyone that can read knows, I would like to point out that the United States makes up less than 2% of the earth’s surface. We the people of the United States can do our part but we can’t save the planet! Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!

      1. This is prototypical Blasey Ford horse manure . No witnesses to question , therefore , HERESAY IS TRUTH . Case closed

  2. The totally dishonorable lying sycophantic California Congressman Adam Schiff has repeatedly proven that his words and his intentions are COMPLETELY WORTHLESS! It is small wonder that he leads a pack of like-minded disgraceful low life liars the likes of Waters,Warner, Pelosi, Nadler, Jackson-Lee, etc. who collectively have all the mind power of a potted plant! The faster people of such ilk are removed from office, the better off this Country is going to be. For God’s Sake people, stop and take a look at just what direction these subversive nitwits are trying with all their might to take this Great Country!

    1. Therein lies the problem…the sheele are easily led astray. They’ve spent decades dumbing us down, feeding us lies, indoctrinating us in schools, not teaching civics, American values, making us love invaders…so now we have blithering idiots who do not know how to think, read, write…this is how nations are destroyed and taken over…from within. We cannot even wake up from our drug and alcohol stupor to see the rug is being ripped out from under us nor do we care. Their plan has worked. Globalism is coming. All demonically instigated. These are the last days. Come Jesus, come! God bless all the warriors for Christ!

  3. Shitt made himself known a long time ago. He has lied to the American People from the start and thinks he will get away with it for ever. He is wrong the whole thing is going to come down around the Democraps like a ton of bricks. the could lose all f their seats in the next election.

    1. They all have certainly behaved deplorably and all should pay for this, with the minimum of being ousted from their respective jobs with no pension. My take would be much, much harsher as they have been pulling these underhanded gang like antics for years and years and need to pay handsomely, with the big culprits, in prison! Start with Soros and work down to the Lying, accomplish nothing Congress Democraps and then go to the Democrap held States that have been fleecing the taxpayers even more with lies and punishment of service and health and welfare for decades.

  4. Schiff is a pathological liar, he retells lies so often that he believes what he says..
    I would like to know how much money George Soros has given the Demonrats to do this, he is another one who hates this country. He owns Progressive Insurance, if everyone dumps it, it will cut some of his funds that he has to pay Antifa and other groups that cause problems.

  5. The problem with trying to get Schiff, or Nadler for that matter, to tell the truth is that Schiff has been lying so much, so long he wouldn’t recognize the truth if he tripped over it. He is a perennial liar and probably has been his entire life.

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