Kamala INFURIATES Conservatives With Ridiculous LIE

What a joke.

Recently on MSNBC, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris angered conservatives when she claimed that she would do everything possible to work with the GOP, something many believe is a lie.

According to Breitbart, Harris stated, “It is my hope and prayer — and Joe Biden has said it unambiguously — that we intend to work across party lines. The biggest challenges, the crises that are front and center in our nation don’t see party lines. And if we are truly leaders, each of us in these positions, we have got to find a way to work together. When it comes to the impact of this virus and the public health impact, the need for the federal government to take responsibility for distribution of the vaccine, so all people get it as quickly as possible, when it comes to building back up our economy, reopening, those businesses could care less how folks are registered to vote.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: CNBC

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