Kamala Harris Has Avoided Doing This 1 Thing For Over 2 Months

Kamala Harris is not just the Vice-President.

She’s also been put in charge of managing America’s response to the border crisis.

But there’s something crucial which she hasn’t done since getting that role.

Visit the actual border she’s supposed to be dealing with!

Friday was the 66th day that Vice President Kamala Harris – manager of the administration’s response to the migrant crisis – has neither visited U.S. border communities nor held a news conference about her border-related duties, which she took on in late March.

Fox News

Why take on a role and then not do a day’s work in 2 months?

Nobody else would be able to get away with that if that was their attitude to a job.

They’d get fired within a week, let alone 2 months.

So Kamala Harris shouldn’t have a different set of rules from the rest of us just because she’s the Vice-President.

But it seems like she does.

Maybe she’s too busy doing things for Slow Joe, and waiting until he’s no longer able to carry out the duties of President.

One thing she shares with Biden is her inability to tell a good joke.

This was from a speech she gave on Friday.

Sounds like the longer she’s Vice-President, the more unpopular she’s becoming!

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