Kamala Harris COMPLETELY Humiliated, Cries For Help

Things aren’t looking great for her…

It’s been quite a rough day for Kamala Harris.

First she gets owned on Medicare for All by a nursing home resident, and then this:

Sad. Right now we would be busting our small violins, but we seem to have misplaced them.

  1. The only help for this rabid Kalifornia Moonbat is maybe some Thorazine or Lithium therapy. All of these Radical Bolshevik Demotards seem to be crazier than outhouse rats. We’ve had the greatest economic turn around in history, actual across the board violence is down everywhere except where Demotards run things and there are so many jobs out there companies are hunting employees to fill them. The Moonbat Crazy DEms policies would destry all of this. They have no real productive plans they are Marxists and thrive on chaos.

    1. when the budget ceiling falls by 20 or 30%, the barry boy obama housing stops, and the $10 trillion that barry boy added to the deficit is removed from the budget Amerika will be on the right track. Not until

  2. You had a tough day, camelA? Awwww. GOOD, AND I HOPE IT GETS WORSE! YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING THROWN YOUR WAY! Couldn’t happen to a worse witch! I LOVE IT!

  3. Democrats all need to have a bad day until they start facing reality. All of this give away, I am from the government and I am here to help you BS needs to go. We are broke, get it? Broke and 20 trillion some in debt and you are paying for everything? Complete insanity. Wake up.

  4. Ever Democrap running need help but there are not enough qualified Shrinks in this and all galaxies combined. They each are trying to out LIE the other and they are using the same WORTHLESS WORN OUT LIES the Democraps have been using since 1964. We all need to remember they have NEVER taxed the Rich or any other promise they ever made.

    1. “…there are not enough qualified Shrinks in this and all galaxies combined. ” As confirmed by
      Marianne Williamson! And all the channeled voices in her head!

  5. Kamila Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics. Want proof? Check the papers for the Kavenauge hearings and the Supreme Court hearings!

  6. Kamila Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics. Want proof? Check the the Kavenaugh and Supreme Court papers!

  7. There is NONE OF THESE FOOLS that I would not like to see ‘selected (by Soros)’ but THIS cunt needs taken out by the Supreme Court for NOT being a “Natural Born Citizen” [neither parent was citizen when camel-toe round-heels was born.] Work backwards on that to ovomit.

  8. My “None of these fools” comment INCLUDES boy-print Michael who hasn’t been YET pressed into “service (by Soros)”. There may be INDEED better ‘business persons’ than DJT but that hardly matters when considering Orange-man’s OTHER talents and predilections (like reducing regulations). No, THIS guy is the greatest thing to come along since TJ. Me, a true anti-government Christian, appreciates Bad Orange-man almost as much as “BAD” John the Baptist (not worthy of tying the sandals of One coming after).

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