JUST IN: Clinton Donor Wanted Victims to Call Him ‘Slave Master’

This is sick…

A criminal complaint by federal investigators against Edward Buck outlines claims of a history of predatory behavior against gay men by the LGBT activist and Democratic megadonor, resulting in rape, drug overdoses, and even deaths.

Although Buck is currently only being charged with distribution of methamphetamine resulting in death, the 20-page filing by authorities describes numerous instances of vulnerable gay men, many black, who found themselves drugged against their will and sodomized.

Many of the victims were prostitutes. In the last two years, two men have died in Buck’s residence of a drug overdose.

Buck has also been charged by Los Angeles prosecutors with battery with serious bodily injury, sale or offer to sell or transport a controlled substance, and operating a drug house from Los Angeles prosecutors.

The criminal complaint against Buck details how he allegedly lured Moore, who was living with his mother in Houston, to his home. At one point, Buck told Moore to refer to him as “his slave master.”

In an interview with Moore’s mother, she stated that her son would talk about a “rich and powerful man named Ed Buck [who] held [him] against his wall and shot him up with drugs.”

An Arizona native, Buck made his millions in the 1980s after buying an information services company out of bankruptcy.

Buck moved to the historically gay neighborhood of West Hollywood, Los Angeles, in 1991 and quickly became involved in local, state, and national politics. Since the 1990s, Buck has donated over half a million dollars to Democratic candidates, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and California Democrats Reps. Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff.

  1. This is just a perfect example of the “HYPOCRACY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY”, they preach “ME TOO”, they preach “RACISM”, they preach “WHITE SUPPREMISM”, they preach “THAT THEY ARE NOT AGAINST LGBT” , yet they allow “PERVERTS LIKE THIS ESCAPE JUSTICE”, because “EDWARD BUCK”, has made “large donations” , in the support of the Democratic Party ! He is “INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY”, just ask the “TWO DEAD MEN” and the “ONE GAY MAN THAT GOT AWAY BEFORE HE COULD BE MURDERED AND RAPED, BY Mr. Buck!!

  2. Anti American, anti Christian, anti White, anti Semitic, PRO perversion, communism, illegals, terrorists and out to destroy our country, that is the resume of demo vomit hopefuls

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