Judge Judy RISKS It ALL, Issues FIRST Presidential Endorsement

She has finally come out publicly after such a long time…

Earlier in October, Judy Sheindlin, more commonly known as Judge Judy, revealed that she was supporting former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as president, although he still has yet to formally enter the presidential race.

“I realize I am taking a personal and a career risk in making such a statement. I have carefully stayed away from politics for 50 years, except to vote,” Sheindlin wrote in an op-ed for USA Today. “But times have changed in our country, and I believe the moment has come for me to step out from behind the curtain. I want to speak honestly and from the heart — regardless of the consequences.”

Sheindlin, who holds the title of the highest-paid celebrity on tv, clarified that during her address at the Cambridge Union in England, she was asked about her thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

“I didn’t mince words. I said our American family has been fractured in recent years. We’re hopelessly divided, and a bitterly divided family cannot thrive,” she explained. “The only way we can begin to come together again, I said, is if Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, becomes our next president.”

Over the past decade, Bloomberg has been hovered repeatedly as a potential candidate to represent the Democratic Party’s centrist lane. For most of his adult life, he was primarily a Democrat before moving to the Republican Party in 2001 when he began his tenure as mayor. He switched his party affiliation to Independent again halfway through his tenure, however, before joining the Democratic Party in 2018.

The former New York mayor was enmeshed in speculation about launching a bid for the presidency in 2008, 2012, and 2016. Since Bloomberg revealed that, during the 2018 congressional elections, he was donating at least $80 million to Democratic candidates and eventually registered as a Democrat, speculation of his potential entrance into the presidential race started to circulate once again.

Bloomberg announced in March 2019 that he would not be launching a bid for the presidency, and instead urged Americans to “nominate a Democrat who will be in the strongest position to defeat Donald Trump.” He announced, though, just days before Sheindlin publicly endorsed Bloomberg, that he was still mulling over a bid based on former Vice President Joe Biden dropping out of the race.

“I realize Michael Bloomberg said in March that he will not run for president in 2020 … I respect his comment — but our political landscape has changed profoundly since he made it,” Sheindlin said. “There is ferment on the left and the right, candidacies are rising and falling, and this has created an opportunity for Bloomberg, a man of the center, to change his mind.”

“Here’s why I believe that’s so important: An independent, tough-minded businessman, he represents our best chance to bring America together again and begin the long national process of healing,” she continued. “Unlike those on the far the right and the far left who use their bully pulpit to divide us, he’s a pragmatist, a man who has shown time and again that he knows how to get things done and cares more about results than ideology. That’s a skill in short supply these days, on both sides.”

She went one to argue that Bloomberg is the only person “who seems to understand that screaming at one another gets us nowhere.” Accordingly, she lamented the loss of civil debate and respect in differences of opinion.

“America is a young country, compared with the nations of Europe and Asia, and we still have a spectacular story to tell the world,” Sheindlin said. “But we’re also a work in progress, and the 2020 presidential election will be one of the most important in our history.”

Sheindlin’s public support of Bloomberg is the first time she has backed a political candidate over the more than two decades since she started chairing her “Judge Judy” television show.

  1. Yep, never cared for her, she always seemed too removed from reality. This proves it. I guess she is incapable of understanding that it is Bloomberg and his ilk that have caused the “fracture” of the “American family” as she called us.

  2. Living in NJ, the NY metropolitan area, Almost everyone I know stopped watching Judge Judy years ago. She was nicknamed “Judge Bitch”. She an ultra-feminist who had ruled against men ever since her divorce from Judge “Jerry Sheindlin”, when she thought she got screwed. She actually didn’t get screwed, (the divorce terms were made public, at least locally), she just didn’t “screw” Jerry as much as she thought she should have, as much as the court systems usually discriminate against men, meaning she didn’t get the house outright, all the cars, and 60% of his salary as alimony. She actually made MUCH more than he did, so he requested alimony, but no alimony was awarded on either side. Since then, she screams and screeches on the show, almost always at the men, her favorite is “I’M SPEAKING”, when she actually rudely interrupted the man. She is the classic liberal, Socialist/communist far left DemonRat, as is Bloomberg. Like your gun rights? Don’t vote Bloomberg. Want open borders, with welfare for all? Then vote for Bloomberg. A ton of his policies and speeches were locally covered. Not nearly enough were nationally covered. Bloomberg is an idiot that will destroy this country, and turn us into Venezuela. Trump 2020. MAGA. KAG.

  3. Didn’t realize she was such a Liberal idiot till this endosement!! Too bad ..
    Used to enjoy watching her show but. NO MORE!!!

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