Judge Jeanine SILENCES Liberal Media

She’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro slammed liberal media stating now is the “perfect time for a hoax.”

“Don’t lie to me,” she said. “I am tired of lies. The absurdity of the claim that President Trump, even the Donald Trump I knew before he was president, would call fallen soldiers ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’ is absurd. Disrespect the military — are you crazy? From day one, this president has spoken proudly of and has been supportive of the United States military and law enforcement. And like everything else, he doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk.”

“When you don’t have the facts, you resort to the lies,” Pirro added. “But the truth is clear: The job numbers that came out yesterday were higher than even expected — 10.6 million jobs created in four months, the fastest labor market recovery from any economic crisis in history, perfect time for a hoax.” You can watch a clip of Pirro’s remarks here.

Image credit: The New York Times

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  1. Democraps will say anything through their RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS the MORON MEDIA to try and hurt Trump. Thankfully America is on to their LIES and won’t fall for them.

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