John Kerry’s Ridiculous Warning For America

This guy is an idiot!

Recently on MSNBC former Obama administration Secretary of State John Kerry called the United States a “dangerous place” under President Trump.

According to Breitbart, After being asked if Trump could cause was with Iran, Kerry stated, “Yes, obviously he could. I mean he almost did.”

“He has obviously not achieved anything with North Korea,” Kerry added.

He went on to say, “He pulled us out of the Paris Agreement. Everybody in the world knows that the evidence of what is happening in terms of climate change facts on the ground is growing and growing and growing with extraordinary danger to the world. Americans are already dying from this in fires, in floods, in storms, in mudslides. And the president is sitting there saying this is a Chinese hoax. So we’re in a very dangerous place. Nuclear arms agreements have been chucked away.”

“The INF agreement, now START treaty, is also at risk,” Kerry said. “When you start running the list. And what is worse, our president, the president of the United States of America, the leader of the free world goes to a meeting of NATO in England and the leaders of the rest of the world are laughing at him, so much so that he picks up his marbles like a kid in a schoolyard and goes home and then starts to just tweet in solitude. We are in a dangerous place, and I think people know it.” You can watch a clip of Kerry’s slanderous comments here.

Image credit: The Atlantic

  1. Thank God American’s know that John Kerry is a big part of “Deep State” and has made $ Millions from that criminal activity.. Between 2008 and 2016 $ Billions were made by the Obama Administration, especially on “Solar Power..” Climate Change has been going on for the last Billion Years, ya never know what the next year will bring.. And, there were “NO” scandals in all 8 years.. (LOL)..

    1. I saw a picture of an Iranian, who said he was going to tell all of the people that took pay offs from the Iran deal. I haven’t seen it again. We all can have a pretty good idea of who is involved, Obama , Kerry, Pelosi, Schumer and who knows how many more. I figured out a while back this impeachment crap is a cover up, of what the Dems have been involved in.

  2. Kerry will do anything to CYA, his daughter is married to an Iranian and he has accepted millions from Iran with the understanding that he will control US forces, that may have been the plan wen obumer was president but he is not president any longer, he can’t make promises about Trump because he can’t predict what Trump will do

  3. Long-faced John is a true a**hole, a scumbag and traitor, IMHO. He ought to be executed as a traitor to the United States, IMHO. Too, though he married into million$, he is worth less than a used condom, IMHO.

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