John Kerry Goes On CNN, Slanders Trump

The Democrats have no limits…

Sunday on CBS’s’ “Face the Nation,” former Secretary of State John Kerry if President Donald Trump indeed asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate 2020 presidential hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, it would be a “deeply disturbing abuse of power.”

Kerry said, “Well, first of all it’s entirely inappropriate for the president’s personal attorney to be involved in another country trying to find dirt on a presidential candidate, number one. Number two, what President Trump has done is —if he has done it — and the way the move whether he’s done it is release the transcript of that conversation. That’s how you get to the bottom of this. But there is just, you know, for the president of the United States to be leveraging American foreign policy, hocking it, extorting the leader of another country if that’s what has happened is unprecedented, and the last time the president did, that Richard Nixon, the Republican Party stood up and held him accountable for the abuse of power.”

“This Republican Party today is running for cover and actually inadvertently supporting a cover-up if what is alleged is true,” he said. “The only way to get at it is release the transcript. Let everybody see what the president said. If he leveraged American foreign policy and foreign aid to get a president of another country to be the opposition research arm of his campaign, that is a fundamental, profound, and deeply disturbing abuse of power.”

  1. John Kerry, that great American that was told to resign his commission or be kicked out of the Navy, has no credibility to criticize anyone. He was also largely responsible for the dipshit Iran nuclear deal that President Trump correctly pulled out of. Kerry is an insult to morons.

    1. He forgot to mention that his son is just as guilty as Biden’s son is concerning the Ukraine. Kerry’s son just recently put a lot of distance between himself and Biden’s son. But what can one expect from Kerry’s son? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Kerry himself is guilty of treason.

    2. It is nice to see there are others out there that recognize what a moron Kerry is. He can talk about what others do while he screwed up most everything he was involved in. I am sure he had no business trying to interfere with Trump pulling out of the idiotic deal he had a hand in with Iran since he no longer held office and a private citizen. Then, there is his disgraceful military record exposed by those who served with him.

    3. Kerry is a bumblebees bite on the Butt. He has no backbone. He is a coward. And for what he says Trump did by talking to another country about a person, was telling the truth. After all you despicable Dems have done to Trump is a sad excusse as a man/men. Why have you been over in Iran talking with the government people. What makes what you did legal? It is not okay what YOU did, because whatever you have said to the Iranians makes us wonder what you were saying to the leaders? U arae as much a traitor as anyone else looking for information. Kerry didn’t have a backbone back running for Pres. than he does now!!!!!!

    4. Since Trump became President Obama and Kerry have been over in Iran talking to the government several times. What are they doing, underminding the President? Kerry has been a weak, angry, non-person since the 1960’s. He failed in the service, was a weak candidate for President. He could of been a very weak president as he has no backbone. He is a lonely, uber-rich,ex-politican with few friends.Even his step-son is not a honorable man for attempting to increase his wealth.

  2. Kerry should be charged with the Logan Act NOW!!! Who is in charge of the Presidency, Trump or Kerry? We’re letting the Dems taking over by letting them commit crimes and not being held accountable. John Kerry should have been arrested and charged months ago for sticking his nose in Iran – we know he did wrong, why didn’t you do something about it Mr. President? You need to exercise your Presidential Power by using our laws in the Constitution to put a stop to this crap!!!

    1. And he isn’t the only one who should be charged. Look at what Clinton and Obama have been doing – international politics AKA espionage, just because they have name recognition. A second government overriding the legally voted in administration? Trump has been working for every US citizen whether they voted for him or not.

    2. I agree. Trump is very weak on all of them. I have to ask myself why. Why! Why? When something doesn’t make sense it’s usually not true. Nothing makes sense anymore.

  3. All I can say as an American Voting Citizen is, at what point would anyone begin to trust anything that Kerry would say ? He was a “FAKE WAR HERO”, and a terrible Secretary of State, and a “LIAR”, so I have never put too much Trust or believe anything this Hypocrite would say, in fact when his lips are moving, he is lieing !

  4. All I can say is, “Lucky for Clinton that she lost.” They would have to be smacking her hand for going to a foreign spy to put together a fake dossier with foreign undertones just to sway the election! Let’s hear the unaltered tape. We have already seen how trustworthy all the information is that the left collects….or rather creates.

  5. Frankenkerry is a goof of the 1st order. Desperate to stay relevant, he goes on the least credible and watched news (fake) network to continue the new proud Democratic Party tradition – whining and lying. Seems appropriate!

    John Kerry could not tell the TRUTH if his life depend on it. He did the something during the Vietnam War with his SIDE KICK HANOI JANE ( Jane Fonda ) ! .NOBODY ! should BELIEVE anything that this DERANGED and DEPLORABLE STOOGE
    has to SAY. OBAMA, CLINTON and DEPLORABLE STOOGE John Kerry were in on the BenGahzi TERROR ATTACK from the FIRST DAY.

  7. Traitor Kerry, the guy who gave money to Iran saying bad things about Trump. No President should ever have to explain private phone calls to other leaders. When we start doing that we take away the ability to get things done. As it is the people who get to listen to Presidential calls is determined by the President every time a call is made. If someone is talking about a phone call it should not be difficult to figure out who is talking out of turn. That person should be prosecuted.

  8. Anyone see the pattern here? Obama hired Kerry, Clapper and Brennan all would follow Obama to the depth’s of hell. All would do Obama’s bidding with the full knowledge they were breaking our laws and abusing Americans rights. These guys prove power corrupts. All three are bullies unable to contain any sense of fairness or honor while securing their place as the most powerful people in our government. These guys prove character matters!

  9. John Kerry can KMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Did the Democrats investigate Trump’s kids including his so in law. What freakin hypocrites. Parasite Kerry who lives of his wife. These people have no shame. If Biden’s kid ( who I personally think is a low life) and Jerry’s stepson is guilty of something they should be investigated. Are they above the law? Of course, there Democrat’s.

  11. Agree with NavyPo Kerry needs to be indicted and then prosecuted for his continuous meddling in Iran, keeps making promises to this communist country that he doesn’t have the authority to make, charge him with the Logan Act and put him where he belongs in prison or banish him from America and let him go live in Iran since he thinks they are such fine upstanding citizens

  12. Oh dear God when are this losers gonna STFU. Nobody believes a word they say, and nobody wants to hear the crap coming out of their mouths. Look how many they killed in Benghazi. Look how he’s going to foreign countries against our President, and telling so much garbage. That is, from what I can read up on, is treason, and I hope they hang his UGLY ASS for it. Silly me, he’s a demonrat, so they probably won’t. God help us.

  13. Ketsup Kerry, it is a good think you married rich women. Otherwise no one would give you a platform for you idiot comments. Why don’t you just fade away? Your “Trump Jealousy” is showing.

  14. I don’t blame President Trump wanting to check out what he had heard about that situation. I know I had read about it awhile ago, about the time Biden’s son left the drugs and his wallet in a rental car in Az.
    What Biden did while he was VP was wrong. He is a typical Demonrat, a liar.

  15. John Kerry was never anything, just a follower and a jerk and him going on the Commie News Network just proves how much he has not changed. What a useless waste of human. How much did they pay you to do this obscene thing John? Are you proud to be an accomplished traitor? Please, take your money and run, run far, run to an Islamic state because that will be the only place left for you and your lying cohorts when all is said and done.

  16. John Kerry the low life opportunist who wouldn’t have two pennies to rub together if he hadn’t married wealth, and he wants to lecture our President on right and wrong. It is obvious Biden extorted the head of the government in Ukraine to fire the prosecutor. Biden admitted it in a recorded meeting. It’s just a matter of convening a Grand Jury and obtaining an indictment.

  17. Kerry should talk about what is inappropriate. He (Kerry)should have gotten some kind of treason charge against him when Trump first became President. He disgustingly had the gall to go to other countries acting like he still representing the US somehow and constantly ran down our President. What a loser. Is he still that starved for attention that he would sell his soul?

  18. HAHAHAHAHA — this coward corrupt low life POS scumbag critizing someone else. It would be funny if he wasn’t such a disgusting example of what has been wrong with America since the 60s.

  19. kerry was and most likely still is the partner of hanoi jane, both remain apparent traitors to the people of this Country.

  20. John Kerry sucks bilge water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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