Joe Biden’s Making A Summer Camp – Guess Who It’s For…

Joe Biden has got plans to make a summer camp along the southern border in Texas.

But who could it be for?

It’s not for Americans.

Joe Biden is planning on warehousing up to ten thousand migrant children in a massive tent city at Fort Bliss, Texas this summer, more than doubling the 4,500 migrant kids currently being held in warehouse conditions there. 

The Gateway Pundit

That’s right – migrant children.

And guess what else?

Liberals love to claim the moral high ground on topics like this.

Can’t do that this time…

Advocates report the children now at Fort Bliss are stuck wearing dirty clothes and sleep on rickety cots with unwashed sheets in tents that hold 900 children each and “smell like a high school locker room.” The Biden administration has been bragging to reporters how they successfully moved migrant children out of crowded, disease spreading Border Patrol facilities. What they haven’t said is that the kids are now housed in crowded, disease spreading tent encampments at Fort Bliss.

The Gateway Pundit

These children should never have been encouraged to make the journey.

The hard truth is they’re arriving in their thousands because of open-borders policies from Biden and his Administration.

It’s not helping America, and it’s not helping these children.

In fact, what the Biden Administration is doing is aiding child smugglers from Mexico.

Biden’s abrupt reversal last January of President Trump’s border policy blocking illegal alien migrant children from remaining in the United States due to the pandemic has caused a surge of tens of thousands of children to be smuggled by human traffickers across the border with Mexico. The Biden administration is acting as a de facto partner with the cartels by accepting and relocating the children within the U.S. Videos taken on the Texas side of the Rio Grande show law enforcement officials taking in migrants personally delivered by smugglers who then return to Mexico without being arrested to do it again and again.

The Gateway Pundit

When you undo one of President Trump’s America First policies, disaster results.

No surprise there!

But this is how Democrats operate. They tear down, erase, reverse, and block anything that’s actually good for the American people.

One of the biggest ways they do that is by encouraging massive amounts of illegal and legal immigration.

This is why patriots need to keep resisting the Left’s efforts to transform America into a “third-world hellhole” – as Ann Coulter mentions on the cover of her bestselling book, Adios America.

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