Joe Biden’s Latest Idea Puts Your FAMILY’S LIFE In Danger

Yea… We definitely can’t vote for this guy.

Joe Biden has had some bad ideas in the past. However, in a recent interview with Vice News he might have just had the mother of bad ideas and Americans are terrified.

According to Flag and Cross, Joe Biden literally told viewers that illegal aliens who get caught drunk driving won’t face deportation! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand just how bad of an idea that is. 


Image credit: The Atlantic

  1. Biden is a maggot, an Anti America, idiot, liar and fool. The bastard is a felon who thinks it is OK to turn murder by vehicle into a laughing matter

  2. Biden is a very sick man – has he forgotten that a drunken driver killed his first wife and child. Whether he was legal or illegal should make no difference. He’s just trying to reach any group he can for votes. He’s more dangerous than anyone admits.

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