Joe Biden Wastes Memorial Day Speech By Doing This

Memorial Day exists to honor and mourn soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

We all know that, even Joe Biden.

So you’d obviously give a speech about the military, right?

Not Biden.

He went on a rant about voter integrity.

President Joe Biden warned Americans on Memorial Day Monday that democracy in their country was “in peril,” citing concerns about the current political climate and restrictive voting laws.

“Democracy itself is in peril. Here at home and around the world,” Biden said, before specifically citing the right to vote “conveniently” as part of the “infrastructure” required to keep democracy intact.

“Folks, you all know it, democracy thrives when the infrastructure of democracy is strong,” he said. “When people have the right to vote freely, and fairly, and conveniently.  When a free and independent press pursues the truth founded on facts, not propaganda.”

Breitbart News

Democrat talking points are not what Memorial Day is about.

It would have been simple enough for him to say a few words, pay his respects, and leave it at that.

But no, he had to make it political.

Even when he did get around to mentioning our fallen heroes, he tied it into his concerns about democracy.

“To state the obvious, our democracy is imperfect,” Biden said. “It always has been.”

But he noted Americans of different genders, sexual orientations, races, and religions continued to fight for their country, signaling hope for the future.

“The diversity of our country and our armed services is and always has been an incredible strength,” Biden said.

Biden also spoke about America’s fallen heroes, arguing they died for democracy — not a dictator.

“These Americans were not fighting for dictators, they were fighting for democracy,” he said. “They weren’t fighting to exclude or to enslave, they were fighting to build and broaden and liberate.”

Breitbart News

It’s fine to bring up the fact that our brave soldiers fought and died for their country, although many foreign wars were probably unnecessary Deep State creations.

That’s why Trump made ending foreign wars and pulling troops out of the Middle East a big priority.

But to taint their memory with ideological opinions within a Memorial Day speech really isn’t appropriate.

Biden just can’t seem to strike the right tone on important occasions like this.

Perhaps it’s because he’s just not up to the job!

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