Joe Biden LOSES It During Interview, Says The UNTHINKABLE

He’s lost all his marbles.

According to Breitbart News, 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump of supporting Russian interference in American elections.

Biden said, “I’ve been saying this over three years. The president denies they’re involved. They’ve been involved. I was deeply involved in the intelligence apparatus before I left the vice president. The president continues to deny their involvement. The fact is everybody knows.”

He added, “When the president stands before the whole world and looks at Vladimir Putin and say why would he want to interfere in the election? Seventeen, the intelligence agents told him they did. This is bizarre. This is bizarre.”

Biden further stated, “This is continuing. What’s happened? Why in God’s name haven’t we hardened the electoral process, and provided hundreds of millions of dollars to hared the voter roles, make sure they can’t be attacked as a consequence of cyberattacks. Why haven’t we provided the capacity for them to be able to have the money to have paper ballots in addition. This is outrageous, and it’s going on.”

He concluded claiming, “This administration is incapable of learning lessons. They like this.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: National Review

  1. Mr Biden fails to understand that democRats have been so engrossed with impeaching President Trump since his first day in office that they have done nothing else especially doing anything about Russian interference or any interference by foreign power !!!! That’s 3 plus years !!!

  2. The totally unexpected victory by Trump has rendered our Democrats, socialists, communists and other such bottom-feeders and scum of this proud country totally insane. :et us keep them in that state!

  3. Agree with Marc, so in order to keep the democRATS in the state of shock and insanity in November lets all vote a straight republican ticket, starting with Trump and then going straight down the ballot and marking every name that has republican beside it, ignore the democRATS on the ballot because they won’t help Trump if he wins, all they will do is the same thing they have done since they took the house majority in 2018 obstruct every action of the president that they can

  4. Why doesn’t someone kick the soap box out from lying Joe so he won’t embarrass our country anymore than he has already done Biden is so stupid can’t he remember the 25 million Mueller investigation cost and they did not find even a spec of evidence that the President did anything Now if he is talking about Obama then he is correct and Biden and Obama should be investigated And Joe should never use the intelligence community Joe because Obama kept you away from the White House So there you go again and Joe intelligence you don’t have any that is why you have to lie

  5. “CREEPY JOE THE PEDO” has lost his mind and there’s no way anyone can say he hasn’t!! He and the rest of the swamp need to be dredged up and put in a secured landfill somewhere so they can’t possibly get back into any semblance of power and wreck all the great things that Trump has done for all Americans and the rest of the free world!! Hearing JOE talk is just excellent proof that he along with Hunter and the rest of his “crime family”, are evil to the bone and need to be put in prison!!! TRUMP 2020!!!! KAG!!!!

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