Joe Biden ATTACKS Trump, Fails MISERABLY

Here’s what he said…

Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed that President Trump is revoking “automatic citizenship” for the children of American service members born overseas.

Speaking to a crowd, Biden accused Trump of “taking away automatic citizenship of children of some of our military members serving overseas.”

“Our service men and women give everything to this country and this is the respect that President Trump shows for their service,” Biden said.

Biden’s accusation stems from a new guidance released by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency that is set to impact only about 20 to 25 children every year, officials confirmed.

  1. I don’t know anything about the service men at this time but I do know about the sister-in-law of my housekeeper. She and her husband came here for three weeks until she had the baby, collected all freebies that are given to new mothers and drove back to Mexico. The lady who cleans for me studied nights so that she could get her citizenship as did her husband. The couple had so much free goods from the government that when girl asked for a ride to Mexico to see her parents they didn’t have room in the car. I’m glad that we will not have it so easy for people to do this any longer. We don’t need these kind of people coming to the US.


  3. The Citizenship bill has nothing to do with our Service men and their children. The bill about citizenship concerns only ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into our Country to have children and claim the children are citizens. This bill will stop such underhanded practices. Any Illegal aliens who have children in AMERICA should not be able to claim their child is a citizen. Biden needs to get his facts straight before opening his mouth. Just like the mainstream media, he is lying.

  4. Biden is a sick joke!!! But I really want to see him get the nomination because that will mean that Trump is sure to win the election!!!

  5. Biden and Pelosi need to finish reading the bill! It says just as soon as that serviceman’s new child establishes residency in the US when they return that it automatically becomes a US citizen! Duh!

  6. Yeah we all remember what the Obama administration (of which Biden was a member) did for the serviceman. Absolutely Nothing!!! What Hypocrites.

  7. Biden is a buffoon. and has dementia. He swears on the Biden name . Well that sums it all up. His son got booted from the military for being a dope head. Then the swarthy scumbag marries his dead brothers wife, and has an illegitimate kid with another woman, and then they find a coke pipe in his car. Old Joe is a pervert, and now he can’t chew gum and walk. let alone keep his phony stories straight. Obama hated the military and the police, and this old buffoon kissed his ass every day. That worke out well for him, Obama that cur throws him under the bus daily.

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