Joe Biden Asked To Seek Medical Attention

He’s in worse shape than ever before…

Former adviser to President Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, has once again raised concerns about the mental acuity of Joe Biden.

According to the Washington Examiner, “I don’t think that Biden has much of a chance of defeating Trump. I think that Biden is a very fragile candidate,” Morris said. “He has risen from the dead, but the ashes still remain. I think he’s incredibly vulnerable on the Hunter Biden issue. I think his gaffes raise serious questions about his mental ability.

Biden should be required to have a test for Alzheimer’s disease. We can’t elect a president who has that deterioration of the brain setting in at the start of his term,” Morris added. “We’re entitled to know that. His personal inability to function will become more and more apparent, particularly on the debate stage. … He’s becoming senile or coming down with Alzheimer’s.” You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: The New Republic

  1. There’s not much doubt in any sane persons mind that he is mentally unstable.
    He should not be allowed to run for any office much less become President of the United States.

  2. The DNC is determined to have Biden as their president representative, so let them back him because he will continue to make mistakes in speech and actions, Trump will make sure the American citizens know every misstep that Biden takes, he will exploit him to the fullest, Trump will be sure and let people know that Biden wants to raise taxes, wants to confiscate citizens guns in order to make us helpless against illegal criminals that he will open the border to without any questions about their lives and qualifications , Biden will destroy the US with his idiotic ideas

  3. Creepy Old Joe is like all Democraps he has no brain just tons of WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER where his brain should be. This is why he has so many gaffes and Alzheimer moments. But he has an even bigger problem that being his groping of females and the younger the female the bigger his smile and the more he gropes.

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