Jerry Nadler Gets EXPOSED In Front Of ENTIRE Senate

The truth has finally come out…

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone rocked the Senate after he put Jerry Nadler in his crosshairs and accused him of making “false accusations” against President Trump.

According to Brietbart, “The only one who should be embarrassed, Mr. Nadler, is you, for the way you addressed this body. This is the United States Senate. You’re not in charge here,” Cipollone proclaimed. 

Cipollone’s comments come after Nadler accused the White House counsel of lying and requested to call John Bolton in to testify. Funny enough, Bolton was always willing to testify but the House didn’t call him in during their own impeachment inquiry.  


You can read the full details of this story here

Image credit: NBC News

  1. The democrats are desparate because they know they will not win the Presidential election in 2020. Impeachment is all they have to get rid of President Trump so expect more and more of this throughout Trump’s Presidency! Hopefully the public is waking up to what is going on here! This is not just about Trump it is an attack against the will of the people. In their eyes we are stupid and don’t know what is good for us so they will make the decisions and the hell with what we want. Our government has become so corrupt that I don’t know if we will ever be able to recover from this corruption. This is all about control and power. We don’t matter anymore! Every democrat, independent and conservative should be concerned about these attempted coup’s whether they like Trump or not, that is not the point, the point is that we cannot lose the power to make our own decisions as to what is good for our country, not the politicians! Remember we pay their salaries and they are supposed to be accountable to us!

  2. nadler has always acted “wishy washy” until two days ago. He acted smug and, for the first time, confident. Something made him feel empowered. It was like a false bravado. That is not Nadler. I don’t trust any one of the Democrats in Congress. Around the time of the Civil War, the Democrat’s nickname was “The Snakes”. I now know why this became their nickname. It was because it fit them to the proverbial “T”!!

  3. Two days ago, Nadler acted almost empowered. That was not Nadler. Normally, Nadler is a “namby pamby”, “wishy washy” individual with low self-esteem. Now he comes out with a false bravado. What’s going on with him?

  4. I don’t believe for a minute this is about the election. This is ALL ABOUT PELOSI, becoming president. If she can get trump impeached and removed, then Pence, as speaker of the house, SHE would become the sitting president. Think about it, RIGHT AFTER Trump won the election, the dems came out and told us, they would start impeachment procedures. Trump hadn’t even been sworn in as president! They are now going after Pence in this farce they are holding. Get rid of Trump and Pence, and this hateful, deceitful Pelosi, as speaker of the house, WOULD become president. This is her LAST CHANCE AT IT, and she doesn’t care about the truth, she cares ONLY ABOUT BECOMING PRESIDENT. Do ANY of you want to see this disgusting, corrupt, America hating individual becoming president?? Because people, this is what all this trash they are pulling, is all about.

  5. Nadler is half of his former self that he was several years ago when he looked like an elephant even though he’s a donkey. He hates our president because our president always got the best of his slimy big self. Hopefully he will be voted out in the next election, along with Schiff, Pelosi, Waters and the rest of the swamp. Not only did Nadler lose much of his weight, he gained financially during all his years in congress. Typical swamp rat.

  6. We have to regain the House – otherwise we’ll be hearing about impeachment for another 4 years after Trump is hopefully reelected.
    Think of this scary plan. Dems are trying to impeach Trump and Pence so that Pelosi become Pres. She then picks Hillery as her VP – resigns and Hillery becomes Pres.

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