Is Fox News Turning On Trump?

President Donald Trump is speaking out after seeing one of his primary rivals for the 2020 election receive a relatively warm reception from the one network that is believed to have the president’s back.

Fox News recently hosted Democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and it got the attention of President Trump.

There is good reason for the president to be scratching his head. Sanders was met with plenty of applause during his visit, in an event that should have been primarily Republican.

Another mystery that Trump pointed out was how Fox decided to hire former CNN commentator and DNC Chair Donna Brazile to the network. 

It seems like there are some conflicting interests within the Fox family. However with Fox in a unique position of favor with the president ti would be in their best interests to sort this mess out.

    1. Well, it looks like a bunch of unbalance! The Murdoch sons have taken over and they are under the thumb of their liberal wives that insist on cocktail parties with the NY elite. It doesn’t make much difference to me, because after they back stabbed Judge Janine, I have cut way back on FOX. OAN and News Max have gotten a whole bunch of my attention now. I wish Judge Janine could get a gig on OAN!

      1. I’m with you on this. FOX has been bending to the Left ever since the Murdoch sons took over…I wonder what gun was held to Rupert’s head to make him transfer power ??? Hiring the likes of Brazile and Paul Ryan is a joke. OAN is tops with me now. The Murdochs are not trying for balance; they are morphing FOX into another Progressive water carrier.

      2. Doesn’t Fox News understand what good friends Trump is with Chris Ruddy, CEO of NewsMax. And OAN is starting to come on strong. He could stop giving personal long interviews with Hannity in a moments notice. Have you also noticed how Hannity and Ingram and Tucker now seem to walking on egg shells. As if they have had “come to Jesus talks” about what they can and can’t say now. I watched Ingram correct Texas AG this past week and he had to backtrack his words on O’Rouke. Fox can crash just like the Democratic Party they are embracing. And Donna Brazil? Are you kidding me?

      3. Balance my rear end. Most of the recent additions have been leftists like Donna Brazil, Shepard Smith etc. Lachlan Murdock and brother James are leftists.

        OANN is better for the news than Fox

    2. Balance my rear end. Most of the recent additions have been leftists like Donna Brazil, Shepard Smith etc. Lachlan Murdock and brother James are leftists.

  1. FOX news is unreal! They have Donna Brazil on I change the channel. I definitely won’t pay for Fox Nation but I’ll pay for OANN who actually reports the news fairly.
    If President Trump stops supporting Fox – they will lose a tremendous amount of viewers, just look at CNN, MSNBC, CBS…all tanked because of their Liberal bias.

    1. It’s not only Donna Brazil, it’s Juan Williams on the five. He is so anti Trump it just rolls out of his mouth. They don’t need to ask him a new question, and wait for the answer, they can make a recording and play that, cause it will be the same drivel. When either one of their faces come on the screen, Off goes mine. Ill have to try OANN. I love Tucker, Sean, Laura, and Shannon, but it’s getting hard to watch them try to be themselves, when they are being told what to say. I won’t be watching much longer. . Very sad.

  2. Donna Brazile, the disgraceful DNC stooge who, while working at CNN, before the debate gave Crooked Hillary the questions she was going to be asked in the debate.

    1. When Matt Lauer interviewed Hillary on television and pressed her on subjects that threw her off guard, she went behind the scenes and lambasted Donna Brazile so bad people thought she was going to hit her. Called her every derogatory word in the book. I thought for sure when FOX hired her she would turn and start telling the truth and stop carrying the water for Hillary. As it turns out she simply joined the ranks of people like Shepard Smith the queer, Chris Wallace the closet liberal, and the always confused Juan Williams.

  3. Fox is learning from POTUS. Play chess while your enemy is still learning to play checkers.
    Displaying the fool on your channel, be courteous, unlike the enemy, and fox wins by showing they can be open minded. We all do it all the time, smile at your enemy screws with their heads.

  4. They have moved left ever since Rupert was forced out! He was a supposed libertarian and saw dollar signs to give balanced news and conservative opinions but since his 70 year old LIBERAL sons took over their news has moved to the left! Not as bad as the others but they sure are good advretisement for OANN!!

  5. Yes, Fox is definitely turning Liberal! I only watch a few anchors now! Murdochs want more money and recognition it seems! Maybe time to start a new conservative news network? Come on Glen Beck!

  6. Well Fox News moto is that they are fair and balanced in reporting the news. Trump is much to sensitive.
    He should not be offended. Bernie did not really score any points, but health care is a sensitive subject with
    most Americans. Trump will eventually have to deal with this problem. Average Americans can not afford to see a doctor if they don’t have coverage through their employer or union. Sorry to say that America has become a very anti union country. So now we must deal with the consequences of that.

    1. Anti union country,wait a minute! Here’s why we could become anti-union. Just maybe the over run country by illegal migrants orchestrated by the democrats might have had something to do with it. No!,,It’s the dems allowing this to happen to divide our work force and our country.Stop and think about it Joe. You are an employer with 20 people outside your door ready to work. 10 are union workers,10 are illegals with temporary work visas with loopholes to benefit the employer.When their visas expire they just hire 10 new immigrants with new visas. Who would you hire? US taxpayers will be paying more and more each year. But, at least we still have a country thanks to our President. Illegals Immigrants will eventually overrun and erode our country. We must change the Immigration Laws!

  7. Fox News is still owned by Robert Murdock, but he is aging and has turned much control over to his sons who are progressives. You will see Fox continue down the path of the rest of MSM marxism.

  8. Boycott is a very effective way of controlling people we disagree with. Fox isn’t above a good Boycott – get your news from trusted reliable internet sources until they realize they’re the only game in town for those of us on the Right.

    1. I agree! I used to tune in to FOX12hrs/day but they have definitely shifted towards the left and I have sent numerous e-mails to various FOX anchors without any improvements made! Chris Wallace started changing about a yr ago! His interviews are extremely harsh when Reps are on and full of drooling honey when interviewing Dems! Shep, I never watch, he is a CNN equivalent! Arthel has been moving left lately! Brazile has no place in FOX but I suspect the Murdocks dictated this move! Can’t stand her talking over everyone with her patent takeover “discussions!” NewsMax is a good alternative!



  11. I go along with Donald Trump. They are stabbing him in the back. I am beginning to see more Democrats and Socialists on Fox programs. If I wanted to hear their opinions, I would watch CBS, ABC, NBC, or CNN. What happened to the old Fox network?

    1. Shepard Smith was the beginning of my distrust with FOX for a long time now. But you are all right. No pun intended. The network is definitely shifting left and with Brazille now in the mix it is really smack dab in your face liberal intent. I’m done with them now except for local news just for the news not the politics.

  12. When Donna Brazille is on Fox, we turn the channel! We refuse to watch this cheating liberal on a channel we use to watch faithfully. Truly disappointed in Fox and this poor decision.

  13. Fox has really degraded in a hurry since that foolish boy “lachlan” has taken over at fox.the only local fox we watch on “dish network”is the a/m news,all the rest of the programming is aimed at people with a low number 2 digit I.Q.,in other words Trash!Fox News,and Fox Business are only worth watching after 7p/m eastern std. time starting with Lou Dobbs and going on to Tucker Carlson,Sean Hannity,and Laura Ingraham,and Trish Reagan.Everything else they put on is pure,unadultesated garbage!

  14. Reckon Brazille will furnish answers to Bernie and others? Maybe Pres. Trump needs to oversee Fox’s vetting!

  15. I thought that the Bernie Circus was carried out very well done & Martha MacCullum did her duty in exposing him for the fool he is. Nothing for our President to worry about at all.

  16. I thought having Bernie Sanders on was terrible. I watched but was not happy! Plus get rid of Fonna Brazil, which I said when you took Judge
    Jeannine off!!!
    Are you turning to a socialist channel?????

  17. Fox News is taking a hard swing to the socalist left and I don’t like it. I’m done with the TURNCOATS at Fox, especially Brett Bauer and Martha McCallum. Hopefully The Fox and Friends Crew, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin leave Fox and start a REAL CONSERVATIVE Station.

  18. Even the clown’s most ardent supporters will get sick of the stench of this moron and turn on him. Seems the clown in chief thinks every one should bow to only him. Sounds more and more like a dictator every day. Can’t even give a condolance speech about the Notre Dame Cathedral fire without making a fool of himself.

  19. I see that my comment is awaiting moderation–you mean that if I insult your furhor my comment will be axed lol.

  20. I think it was good that FOX hosted Bernie. Let’s us see how utterly ridiculous he really is because I don’t watch CNN. I thought Martha and Bret did a good job asking him some tough questions.
    The applause was just courtesy applause.
    Can America really visualize having Bernie for President? No way.


  22. I believe Fox news is not going against President Trump they are just giving Bernie Sandersa chance to give his view. President Trump still is for the American people and that eas very clear. Most of thr audience were democrats anyway.

  23. I think it was good that FOX hosted Bernie. Let’s us see how utterly ridiculous he really is because I don’t watch CNN. I thought Martha and Bret did a good job asking him some tough questions.
    The applause was just courtesy applause.
    Can America really visualize having Bernie for President? No way.

  24. Fox News is stabbing trump in the back like all the other channels. They should be ashamed of hiring lying Donna brazile – she and Juan Williams should have their own show which no one would watch. I have stopped watching Fox News because of the recent changes. Shane on fox for pandering for viewers by hosting such a crackpot as Bernie Sanders.

  25. I’ve noticed some disturbing changes with FOX NEWS as well…. that’s why I am very picky about what I now watch on FOX. I used to have FOX on most of the time, now I watch Tucker, Hannity, Greg Gutfeld, Laura Ingram and Judge Jeanine. If they keep it up I’ll get all my news from online!

  26. Well. Since Disney recently bought Fox, I’m certain it will change sides. Damned shame.

    Also, Bret Baier allegedly works behind the scenes against Trump….this is based on an article I read recently, and I really hope that was fake news. I used to like Bret…and Fox. Where do we go now for real news?

  27. It’s Hufsa Mufsa, a Pakistani American Fox producer. She produces the Brett Baker show( which has dramatically changed in the past year. She is vicious and attacks conservatives on Twitter. ( she most likely is the one who got to the Judge)

  28. I sure hope that Fox will be loyal to the The Conservatives and Trump. If not I think that many Conseratives will stop watching FOX. We enjoy watching Carlson, Hannity, Laura Ingram, The Revolution, Judge P., and some others. Mark Levin, Bongino, Gorka. And some of the business channel.

  29. The owners of FOX, although they are Democrats, should remember why they make so much money
    on the #1 network on tv. Could it be because they
    lean far right and tell it like it is. This was the philosophy of the father. Now that his sons are in charge, it seems they lack their fathers wisdom and will pay dearly.

  30. It was a well run show…Know your enemies…I feel Sanders showed how bad his policies are and the american public witnessed it in person. the small gathering does not mean he will be nominated..peoPle know thAT HIS POLICIES CANNOT BE PAID FOR WITHOUT HUGE JUMP IN TAXES. Stay close to friends and even closer to enemies..this way you know what they are up to. PRAISE FOX NEWS FOR THEIR COURAGE TO SHOW WHAT WE CITIZENS ARE GETTING TO VOTE FOR . THANK YOU

  31. I’m disappointed in fox, the boy are LIBERALS…. THEY ARE DISTORYING FOX.. However, that being said I heard a good explanation of the people in the crowd. The supporters of said person doing a Town Hall are giving free tickets to insure the supporters are there… So let’s give a benefit of the doubt… but again the sons are destroying this NEWS STATION. Not anywhere near what it was.. Cavuto, sheperd….producer of Beit

  32. If Fox News does this , I will stop watching this News Channel, in which I have been watching Fox for years due to they have been Honest about all other news, However they do have several News Personal that has been very bias on certain issues, and that is when I change the channel , But I think that Fox is pretty Fair an has always ask the others to
    Come on an give their side ,so I will still watch it for now and if I can’t get true Facts an Honest Reporting like they have been doing all along unlike other channels ,due too the people need to know the Honest Truth about the Facts , and not one sided , I don’t understand why some Channels just don’t want there Country too stay the best to Live In and if they are wanting too pay out more money in taxes than they take home , and Truly believe that they are going to get something for free then they are going to be in for 4 years of pure economic downfall and it doesn’t seem like they even have any Ideas about what they are going to vote for and its Gonna be a Sad Day for those People who Believe that they are going to get all of the Lies they are telling you when they cant even give you the same answers twice how an who’s going to pay for it!!! Its gonna be You so use your Brains an THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU VOTE FOR THE GAME THEY ARE PLAYING ON YOU!!

  33. Baier is not trustworty to begin with. I believe he is the type to go in whatever direction he is told by the dirtbag son who is trying to run Fox news into the toilet. why they would have a lunatic, hypocrite like sanders on there is beyond me also. He is just as insane as occasional-vortex, Guess from here on out — when baier comes on Fox goes off in my house. If Fox keeps having these sh**bird demoSCUM on then Fox will permanently be off here.

  34. I watched it and maybe it’s me but it didn’t feel right with it. I know it’s not a rally but a so called town hall. Usually town halls have groups of people for and against the decisions most town halls have to decide on. I have been to enough town halls. I noticed that when the blonde asked Sanders questions and wouldn’t drop the question when she wasn’t getting an answer involving her question that there were women behind her glaring or staring at her with mad at her expressions on their faces almost as if they were demanding her to shut up due to their stares and hating her. The audience seemed to react as if told when to clap and yell approval at something Sanders made otherwise signaling that this answer was Sanders agenda more so than his other answers to questions otherwise clueing the audience watching what Sanders considered his major agenda. For followers of Sanders they seem to be business like and reacting as if in a rally when required. President Trump’s rallies seem to have the crowds flowing with him and react flowingly. Maybe I was concentrating too much like I always do to speakers. I could be wrong. That town hall was one heck of a beautiful huge town hall compared to what our town halls look like, get in and get out business like.

  35. If Fox News wants to lose many viewers then go against our President and I will go to NewsMax for my news.

  36. Fox definitely has some internal problems…i.e. Pulling Judge Jeanine s Saturday show for 2 weeks ,until the backlash got too hot to handle. Very poor decision making ,com
    e on Fox you use to be better than this.

  37. I figured this would happen. But not this soon?
    Since Disney bought fox out it was only a matter of time. Boycott their asses and you’ll soon see a new conservative news channel rise up.

  38. Fox news is going the way of the Communist News Network, MSNBC and all of the other leftist propaganda fake news. They need to reverse course or go down in flames and bankruptcy.

  39. I stopped watching Fox when they suspended Judge Jeanine and then hired Donna Brazile . It was bad enough that they have Juan Williams, whinny Jessica Tarlov and Marie Karf. I always change channels when they are on but now I just don’t watch anything but Tucker, Sean and Laura oh yes, and Mark Levin.


  41. Yes, the President is right on!! Day time Fox is beginning to stink, I don’t even turn Fox News on, for that reason. I watch Fox Business, then the evening, after 8 P.M. is alright. Maybe, Martha and Bret needed that boost, for ratings. This business of Fair and Balanced, forget it, just look, what those other Major Networks are doing??? Fox News Daytime, is going to loose many viewers, if they keep this up. Fox Patrons, will Tune Out, and that will be a Loss, only to Fox News Day Time. President Trump Needs Fox to Support Him, shame on Fox, if they have become, a turncoat.

  42. Bernie Sanders is the scum of the earth. Millions of Great Americans hate his guts. I, along with others, do not watch fox news anymore. Thank God for the Great Lou Dobbs and Stewart Varney.

  43. Bret Bear is an assshole. He got his feeling hurt when CNN did not want Fox (Bret Bear) to be part of Democratic Debates in June, since he stabbed Judge Jeanine in the back and had major part in her removal from nightly broadcasts! Bret Bear should be removed from Fox!

  44. Part of being fair and balanced I guess. Sure would be nice to just have honest reporting though. As far as having Bernie on….I smell ryans’ hands….mister never Trumper that squandered the opportunity of a lifetime for conservatives and pro-lifers.

  45. It does see that Fox is slowly moving to the middle – I already turn the TV off when Juan Williams goes to the dem talking points – he used to be more independent and authentic. He seems to be going through the motions now as a counterpoint to the conservatives on the five. I also make sure I’m on another network at 3 pm. Tucker, Hannity and Laura are holding the fort but not sure how long that will last. Every other network is on the extreme left; sad to think that Fox is bailing – bad move if my senses are accurate.

  46. Trump is absolutely right, especially about Donna Brasil. This lady is enemy of anything what is republican. She is so slimy and dishonest. what she did at debate in 2016 is unforgivable, unprofessional, she doesn’t deserve to be on any serious network.

  47. covering any and all the candidates for president aren’t doing him any harm. people need facts to make up their mind. the piece they did on Birnie showed him for the socialist he is———–Grampa

  48. If Donna Brazile continues on “The Five”, I will not be watching anymore. I was pretty sick of Juan Williams anyway, but Donna Brazile????? Come on! The woman is a known liar and a thief. The whole country knows it. What is Fox thinking????? Are they through playing to their base that has given them such outstanding ratings for the past two years?
    It’s beyond me.

  49. Folks on other channels leave no doubt at to their party affiliates . I enjoy seeing the news reported professionally and with out trying to influence me supporting either the Red or the Blue .

  50. I think the conservatives should tune in on NEWS MAX a conservative channel. Also I think all the popular
    TV hosts should go and air at NEWS MAX. Soon it will become the most watched TV channel in the nation.

  51. FOX seems to have more of a Liberal bent these days anyway. Should have Shep Smith dancing.
    Fair and Balanced is their motto though.

  52. I was shocked with Donna due to her giving answers to Hillary on the 2016 election with CNN what a slap in the Face to viewers of Fox then she went to Nashville on the Five. They can be fair and balanced but……..

    Bernie showed how off the rails he is for many to see.

    I get it about wanting to “the most watched” and make more $ but….you must STAND for SOMETHING or you will FALL for ANYTHING. The HIGHER you get the HARDER YOU FALL

    1. It’s good to be fair & balanced, but they’re going a little too far. Donna Brazil is bad news, and I won’t listen to her. Juan is bad enough. Shep Smith is off course quite often. OAN (One American News) is a very good source of conservative & fair news reporting. Give it a try. You’ll like it.

  53. Blame Bret Baer’s Program Manager, the same person who got Judge Jeanine Pirro‘s Saturday evening program cancelled a couple of weeks ago.
    Donna Brazile’s introduction into FOX News is like having a fox guarding the hen house.
    We’ve stopped watching Bret Baer ever since his Program Manager tried to silence Judge Jeanine. We don’t care to listen to Donna Brazile.

  54. As it is, we change channels when Juan Williams is on. Now Fox is adding socialist’s Donna Brazile, & Bernie Sanders! I don’t need to listen to the lies and garbage spewing out of their mouths about our President and their anti-American agenda. In my estimation Fox is “adhering to our enemies” and will end up loosing it’s faithful conservative following.

  55. I saw this event too.
    It seems like the rumors about the family are true, and they are shifting sides as speculated a year ago after the old man died. Sold out some units to that far left anti American queer indoctrinating Disney.
    Why they hired Brazil is a mystery, every one loves a traitor but not in your own camp, and she is one!!! How long before she rats out FOX to the left wing crowd?? Or is she the first of the change out????
    I wouldn’t keep her around to wash the toilets.
    I watched her act like an old pal to the others, right.
    Looks like FOX will be another CNN before the year is out.
    They already have schlep Smith and Wallace bring up the homo left.
    If the leading FOX ‘s, Beck, the judge J and O’Riely, and others were smart they would pool their resources and start their own channel.
    No more worrying about suspensions caused by the but hurt left.

  56. What’s happening at Fox? They stabbed Judge Jeanine in the back, hired Democrat flag wavers from the Clinton and Obama camps gave Mr Socialist air time. What’s up Fox?

  57. Mr. President ~ it’s okay ! The more we Fox fans hear opponents the better your programs look.
    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  58. Your hiring of the very dishonest DB says it all, we still have Conservative radio to turn to. It’s a shame because I had been a long time Fox supporter, not anymore.

  59. The offspring of Roger Ailes are taking the network down the path of liberalism. This is how it starts. They gradually insert these pinko freaks from the dem party and before you know it, they are infested.

  60. I don’t like what is happening a Fox. How could anyone hire Donna Brazil for anything after she gave Hillary the questions ahead of the interview when no one else got the questions. You can’t trust her. Maybe Republicans need to venture forth and invent their own network ?????????????????????

    1. Well we all know it’s at cutthroat Paul Ryan who’s on the board top directors at Fox Now I knew as soon as that dog what’s put on that board this stuff was going to start you are saying a complete take over about National media.WE Are the ones that are going to have to start boycotting companies that support or advertise these news organizations. We have to fight the good fight against evil and that’s exactly what these people are evil one world Government people.

      1. If you want boycotts then you need to check out MAD AS HELL. It is a site that weekly puts up it’s hit list of places to boycott because of their politics. I signed on a couple years ago and was active for quite a while. But like everything else goes, if you don’t see fast results then you move on to other things. Anyway, they are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore. They are fighting back every day.

    2. I agree with you Susan 100%. Fox has changed, I only watch Lou Dobbs and Hannity and a few other shows on FBN. I also like outnumbered and all the ladies on there accept the libs.

    3. A new network is already here, its called NEWSMAX channel. Check it out. I feel like you that FoxNews is selling out, by hiring Donna Brazille and that other talking head who used to be on either CNN or MSNBC, I do not know which since I rarely watch either one of them.

    4. Donna Brazil words, agenda actions would make anyone with a half a noodle in there head would make you want to vomit.Shes apart of the antagonists of AntiAmerican retoric.Get rid of this Cancer FOX .

  61. From what I saw the audience was very Democrat. There was more people there that clapped when Bernie expressed his ‘socialist’ view on everything. Where did you get the idea that it was a Republican crowd? Fox was just hosting a candidate , not an anti-Trump rally. Can we just have some civility in this country any more? I have watched eletions since Dewey ran against Truman. Nothing resembles civility here at all. Seems like a bunch of brats that need a good spanking!

  62. I’m glad Fox news isn’t in the tank for anyone candidate. There is enough of that with CNN and MSNBC with the Democrats. It ruins a network’s credibility. Anyway, Trump is president, not king! He shouldn’t be able to control who appears on a network or what kind of reception they get by the audience. Oh, by the way, I would never vote for a socialist.

  63. They had all walks of political affiliations in that group that watched Sanders. I watched it long enough to know bashing Trump only pisses us off more. “Yes, medical will cost you more in taxes” said Bernie. Vague on how much more but probably in the neighborhood of 50%. Can you afford that? See you have to pay for the illegals that get care for free, meanwhile hard working middle class has to foot the bill for these criminals! If we made America not so nice a place for them IE have to work, no government aid, no medical I GUARANTEE they won;t find America so desirable. Why are they getting all the goody meanwhile the REAL Americans don’t get any aid.

  64. Fox News was the only news channel that all our family watched, but, when they turn on Trump and hire the lying air-head democrats, that’s when we will all quit turning on Fox News! We will get another cable company that has America One News. Fox WAS the only news channel where we could get truthful news, but now, it seems like they are turn-coats and maybe Mr. Murdock should re-think this bad move of hiring demo-rats on this channel if he doesn’t want to lose the majority of his watchers, which he will surely do! We’re were very upset when they had the Town Hall with that nut, Bernie. We switched channels and didn’t waste our time watching Fox, and that will happen permanently if it keeps happening. Donald Trump is the utmost BEST president that America has ever had. He loves this country and is doing a fantastic job as president, with no help from the Rino, and so much BS from the demo-rats. Better watch it Fox!!

  65. Fox is no longer the voice for conservatives. They are moving further and further to the left and I, for one, watch very little of their news! A true shame and a slap in the face of the founder! We need someone else to step up and be our voice!

  66. there is another network. It’s OAN But a lot of liberal skewed companies like for instance COMCAST XFINITY etc.. There are many more that WILL NOT air them. FOX tried to hire that liar Brazil and fire judge Jeanne .They hired the judge back but they still have the pompous liar on.. Let’s face it the judge was hired back due to lower ratings which meant LESS MONEY for them.

  67. After the Judge Jeanine suspension incident I quit relying on FOX news as a whole. There are only a few people that are strong Trump supporters that I will tune in to. There are anti Trump reporters and management that have somehow infiltrated the network. This turns away the hardcore supporters that support Trump. They will lose a lot of their audience for this. There is another good network (I think it is called Newsmax that is pretty good).

  68. I am very unhappy with the liberal direction FOX News is heading. I am looking for another (and better) conservative news network to watch as I only see FOX continuing down the slippery slope of liberalism because of the ones who now run it.

  69. Turn on trump and lose all you followers. I promise you that. the only reason i watch this program is for the people i trust. You are allowing people on here i don’t, your choice. i stick with trump everyday. i will follow him , not you.

  70. Agree with Susan. I don’t understand hiring a political figure who cheated and lied. Why not at least choose a reputable Democrat? There are some left?


  72. I change the station when Donna Brazile is on. I know what the left’s perspectives are; I want to hear what the right has to say. The right uses more logic, numbers, and statistics. They have more experts and those directly involved in the issues (think border) and give more expert information. The left speaks to peoples’ emotions, opinions, and hatred for whatever they are using to justify their positions that will get the naive behind them and gain them more support. There needs to be a station that teaches economics, civics, and history. If we don’t know where we came from, we won’t know where we are going. Today’s young are influenced by social media, group think, social issues that won’t be solved with money, and a lack of analytical understanding.


  74. “FOX” I need more evidence I watch Fox News about 8 hrs. per day for Information on Stocks and they “DO” support Our President but unlike others they give others a chance to express themselves on various topics !!!

  75. Fox has been weird ever since Disney bought them in the fall. They have become more and more leftist since then.

    1. Fox is still owned by R Murdock but he has turned over the running it to his Sons who are die hard Liberals,Disney bought Fox Entertainment not the news part of it as that was kept separate of the Entertainment part of Fox

  76. Fox news is finally going down the tube! I can’t believe their hiring Donna Brazil as one of their commentators! Probably Rupert Murdock should have screened his sons before he turned control of Fox over to the liberal idiots he calls sons!!!!!!!!!

  77. With the already employment of Comrade Juan Williams and then Fox goes and places Donna Brazille on their show, I’m considering dropping out of being a viewer of Fox and as they placed Brazille on the five, this couldn’t have been more of a insult to the people that have made “The Five” the great success it is. There’s no doubt one can sense the tension and resentment from the cast of “The Five”, when they are appearing on their show, with Brazille sitting at their table.

  78. I agree. Anytime Donna Brazil is on the air I turn it off. She is a proven liar and is totally dishonest. We do need our own network.

  79. Susan. Already have one. OAN (One America News) channel 347 on directv. After Fox News pulled that stunt with Judge Jeanine I almost quit watching Fox. I still enjoy Tucker, Shawn, Laura, “The Judge”, Levin, Waters, etc, etc but once Donna Brazile shows her mug i’m gone.

  80. I don’t like what’s happening at fox either. Can’t stand Donna Brazile. Watch Newmax instead!

  81. Susan: We already have one. OAN (One America News). Channel 347 on Directv. After Fox News pulled that stunt with Judge Jeanie I stopped watching Fox until they brought her back. I still enjoy Shawn, Jessie, Tucker. Laura, Mark Levin, etc, etc but, when Donna Brazile shows her mug i’m gone.

  82. Fox News placed Jerry Andrews, a far-left, anti-conservative as Executive Producer of Justice With Judge Jeanine to “Muzzle Judge Jeanine from speaking the truth. Andrews has a long history of anti-conservative, anti-Trump social media activity.
    You also have Hufsa Kamal Khan — An Associate Producer at Fox News, accused her co-worker of “Spreading this false narrative, that somehow Muslims hate America”. She is the Associate Producer of Brett Baer’s program, & was responsible for the 2 weeks absence of Judge Jeanine on her Saturday nights’ program. Thanks to the outcry of conservatives, now Judge Jeanine is back on her program for the past 2 weeks.

  83. Susan is exactly correct. Donna Brazil’s hire can be explained by knowing it done by the Muslim woman who suspended Judge Jeanine the latter of which I understand that it was urged on by Bret Baier and Shep Smith. These thing happened cause of the high exec. turnover at Fox about 18 mos to 24 mos ago after some high up exec either quit or was terminated that led to one of the daughters-in-law of the owner Murdoch manipulating some positions. If this continues I am going to have to leave Fox and go to another or both of two other conservative networks, OAN (One American News) and /or NewsMax. I heard that they were good. Hope I don’t have to find out but just might.

    1. Why would ‘FOX News’ hire a Democrat operative like Donna Brazile, who worked for the liberal biased mainstream media news outlets, until she was caught cheating for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, then lied about it, until CNN, who she worked for, investigated the cheating accusations that she used CNN to accomplish, and found them to be true, resulting in CNN firing her, and then and only then did she admit she lied about the cheating?

    2. No doubt Fox is left of center. I listened to Leland interview a Republican party lady yesterday and he asked only negative questions about Trump and the Mueller report. At the end the lady said those were Democratic talking points, which I agree they were. Leland’s response was just questions. He has been around Shep too long along with Neil Cavuto. Since his heart issues and absence from the network for recovery, he has taken a decidedly left orientation. Shep is the head of the news division or some part of it? They all think alike.

  84. Isn’t FOX now owned by Disney corporation? Disney is yet another leftist/globalist corp. And Brazille is a BRAZEN LIAR!!!!!

    1. Fox news is separate from Fox entertainment which is what Disney bought ,Fox news is still owned by R. Murdock but he turned over the everyday running of it to his Sons who are die hard Liberals that’s why you are starting to see more sicko left leaning nut cases on Fox news.

  85. Donna Brazil words, agenda actions would make anyone with a half a noodle in there head would make you want to vomit.Shes apart of the antagonists of AntiAmerican retoric.Get rid of this Cancer FOX .

  86. I been telling people for months that this was happening and now even President Trump has finally realized it

  87. As far as Donna Brazil I have no idea what Fox News was thinking when they hired her. She has proven to be one of the most racist, most decisive, and dishonest Democrats out there. I can’t imagine what she can offer Fox.
    Now Bernie Sanders on the other hand has been a big help in showing just how dangerous his policies will be to this nation. Sanders showed his utter hypocrisy when he failed to even answer most of the questions put to him. He mostly deflected and then changed the subject, usually by attacking President Trump.
    Sanders could have used his time to explain in detail how his views would benefit the US and then tell us what they will cost and how we will pay for them, instead he generally just promoted the free part while using double talk and diversion to keep from explaining how we are expected to pay for all of his socialistic give aways.
    Some times it’s good to give your enemies time in front of the camera. It exposes them for what they are, a bunch of hypocrites with absolutely no idea of how to run this country.

    1. What the hell is wrong with Donna Brazil ?. She is a Democrat. She is entitled to her opinion. Do you really think she is going to give Trump or the Trump family any support or admit the last two years were anything but a witch hunt? I am a well informed person. We who listen to FOX NEWS trust what they present, both sides, the its up to us to decide. If FI could care less what the kids want to do with FOX NEWS. We support Trump first. if they go totally negative then we will turn to other source’s, it still a free country at least it was this morning.

  88. Why would ‘FOX News’ hire a Democrat operative like Donna Brazile, who worked for the liberal biased mainstream media news outlets, until she was caught cheating for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, then lied about it, until CNN, who she worked for, investigated the cheating accusations that she used CNN to accomplish, and found them to be true, resulting in CNN firing her, and then and only then did she admit she lied about the cheating?

    Does ‘FOX News’ expect their audiences to believe anything she says? Does ‘FOX News” have such little respect for their audiences, that they would hire a cheater and liar to give her point of view for ‘FOX News’ audiences to accept and believe?

  89. I have been appalled by Fox New’s liberal participants & positions for quite some time, especially Chris Wallace, who is supposed to be an unbiased moderator combined with Donna Brazile’s participation. UNBELIEVABLE!!! When have you ever seen a liberal channel present a conservative side of an issue ???

  90. Fox News turned on it’s viewers when they got rid of Roger Ailes and Murdoch turned it over to his kids. They have ruined what once as a vibrant and interesting collection of conservatives, many of whom are now gone. What is left is pathetic and not worth watching. Juan Williams was bad enough but now there is Mari Harf and Donna Brazile? And Happy Talk in the morning? Might as well be watching MSNBC. No more FNC for me!

    1. Lachlan Murcock is a Trust Fund Baby, never had to earn anything, all was given to him (born on third base, but thought he got there by hitting a triple). So, of course, he is a LIBERAL. Now, his daddy has given him a new toy to play with, FoxNews. Immediately, things began to change, under his “leadership”! Soon FoxNews will be the sister station of CNN! Watch, how he is able to make a small fortune – start with a LARGE ONE!

      The talent at FoxNews recognizes the DANGER of being surrounded by Juan “Obama’s Boot Black” Williams, Maria “Barf” Harf, Donna “give Hillary the questions” Brazile, and Chris “the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree” Wallace (now removing the mask of a centrist, exposing himself as the liberal he has always been)!

      FoxNews’s demise won’t take long! Newsmax couldn’t have had better timing!

  91. Even Fox is beginning ti realize that tRUMP is a liar and one can nit believe anything he says. For tRUMO the truth is what he believes even if the facts do not support his views. As Kellyann says trump has altenative facts ie. LIES.

  92. I dont think FOX is turning on POTUS. I think the FOX people asked tough questions of the Senator. Only one person hit the president with every negative comment he can, that is Shepard Smith. He takes joy every chance he get to take a swipe at he president. FOX is the only news outlet that seems to lay out both sides of the news. I dont like some of what the President says. Even today when Chuck and Nancy came out of the meeting on infrastructure the press did not ask 1 question on immigration. yes infrastructures is important but immigration is a crisis that needs to be dealt with. I live in Arizona and people my government knows nothing about are breaking into my country. I have already had my car broken into once.

  93. lol This website is such a joke! Obviously run by tRumpsters who don’t have the courage to allow any posts by anyone who disagrees with your laughable “news” stories – and who can’t even spell “it” properly! I would expect that from the average tRump fan, but one would think that a website marketing itself as a news source would do a little proofreading before posting a story! rotflmao


  95. Pingback: Homepage
    1. Nomohomos should be TATTOOED into their foreheads to solemnize their sodomizing on a SPECIAL EDITION of Fox NEWS NOW under perverse leadership.

  96. Yes Fox was purchased by Disney who is putting it’s fanticy kids in control. It will follow CNN to tuin.

  97. Found OAN news on DirectTV, but can’t find NewsMax, can someone on here tell me what channel that is on DirectTV? I am looking for an alternate news channel as well. Tired of the Dems taking over Fox News as well. Will still watch Laura, and Judge Jeanine – until they convert . Fox News will see the result of their changes as the word gets out.

  98. My sentiments exactly. These two have 0 credibility. Me and everyone I know we just turn the channel when they come on.

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