Is Cher Now A Republican?

Cher keeps sticking to her guns on comments that are becoming more and more Republican. This had many wondering where her party allegiance lies. 

Previously the pop star was the talk of the town after she made common sense statements about immigration.

That alone had many claiming she was seeing the light and converting to the Grand Old Party. But she quickly quelled those rumors by calling President Trump a “lizard brain.”

However now Cher has once again made headlines for remarks that most Republicans would agree is common sense. 

She blasted Sen. Bernie Sanders for suggesting that felons, including those still serving sentences, be allowed to vote.

“Does Bernie Sanders Really Believe Ppl In Prison Who Are Murderers⁉️ Rapists⁉️ Child Molesters⁉️ BOSTON BOMBERS.…STILL DESERVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE⁉️” she originally tweeted. 

After facing criticism for her remarks, Cher doubled down tweeting this response, “TERRORIST KILLED INNOCENT PPL. IM SICK OF BEING NAILED 2 CROSS BECAUSE U PPL THINK IM A RACIST‼️IM NOT GOING TO DEFEND MYSELF‼️I CARE 4 ALL PPL,TRY TO HELP ALL PPL,” Cher said. “Excuse The Fk Out Of Me If I don’t want ,Murders, Rapists, &; CHILD MOLESTERS of every color to vote.”

This should be considered another victory for Republicans, even though pressure from Democrats and liberal Hollywood led to Cher removing both of the new tweets. 

  1. Please join us Cher. I’m 82 years old and was originally a Democrat. I became a Republican because I was in the Naval Amphibious Forces and the Democrats wouldn’t give us what needed to fight. I became a Republican when I was discharged.

  2. Yes, Chef, thank you for remembering our Veterans who put their lives on the line for our freedoms. The services they were guaranteed when they signed on the dotted line have been reduced, restricted, lost and taken away my the Demo(n)crats. The Demo(n)crats want people who break our laws to get freebies paid for by our tax dollars because they want a better life.

  3. She is pragmatist. What she says is based on common sense and real life, not political nonsense. Politicians have long ago stopped being leaders and advocates for the citizens of our country and have surrendered to their own enrichment and the winds of special interests. Both parties have had ample time and opportunity to be leaders and solvers of the many problems our nation faces, yet here we are, still talking and solving little. Listen to your citizens. They are crying out for cooperation. We finally have a non-politician who wants to accomplish something, and all he gets is whining and obstruction from within his own party and the other one. Stop! We don’t care whether you like him. Work with him and solve the issues!

  4. Nice to know Cher has a strong beloveief system! She can say she agrees with Conservatives on something. You know both. R/D agree on some stuff and it shouldn’t be so bad to agree!!!

  5. There was nothing wrong with her replies, ppl are looking at every little thing to critically and should not try so hard to read between the lines.

  6. As I recall Cher and Sonny Bono were very active in the republican party, Sonny was even a congressman(?) when he died. When they split she lost her rudder and her way. Maybe, just maybe it’s never too late and she found the rudder. But I doubt it, she’s just protecting her turf.

  7. Cher is a hater of our great President Trump and being that she is hook line and sinker with the Hollywood degenerates. How can any true American patriots take what she blabs as truth?
    Why wasn’t she blasting obama for allowing all of the illegals to get free stuff on the backs of our hard working American taxpayers?
    Guess the flow is easier to go with than to take a stand for our country and our own American people.

  8. Cher, I have loved your music since day one of my young life. I am now 62 and have been disappointed with the Hollywood people , the way they have been acting. The Democrats are just plain crazy with the crap they are coming up with and pushing. Please stay strong and do the right thing and don’t go crazy yourself. I still love you and wish you well. Sincerely, Eve

  9. I agree with Cher. At one time we had so-called Childhood diseases under control, but since we are letting anyone in the country and our children are now getting these diseases. We cannot educate our own Children, but we want to add to that list of uneducated people lose. Those who have committed a major crime or entered the country illegally has more rights than me a Black Veteran born in this country

  10. Democrats don’t care about the people, they care about the votes. If they find a body on the street they will put it in the freezer till election day, and claim it is a Democrat and needs their help getting to the polling place.

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