Insane Liberal Finally BREAKS, Compares America To THIS

This is terrible to even say. How is it possible to think like this…

Former ESPN social justice warrior Jemele Hill took to Twitter to say that as far as human rights abuses are concerned, America is as deeply flawed as China.

Hill “laughed” when she captioned a video from State Secretary Mike Pompeo on Friday detailing the litany of Chinese human rights abuses. Next, as if to say they were the same thing, she proceeded to list actions taken by the Trump administration.

Replying to a story at the Hill, the former ESPN talker wrote, “*laughs in Muslim travel ban, children detained in cages, selling out the Kurds, cozying up to Kim Jong-un*.”

“The Chinese Communist party is detaining and abusing more than one million Uyghur Muslims in internment camps in Xinjiang, the western region of China,” Secretary Pompeo said. “The pages of George Orwell’s 1984 are coming to life there. I wish the NBA would acknowledge that.”

Indeed, Human Rights Watch claims China is one of the world’s worst human rights abusers.

“Authorities dramatically stepped up repression and systematic abuses against the 13 million Turkic Muslims, including Uyghurs and ethnic Kazakhs, in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region,” the human rights group wrote in its report this year.

But if Hill is all concerned with presidents who are responsible for putting children in cages, one might ask why she was so willing to pose with President Barack Obama, who split immigrant families and put children in cages during his administration.

  1. Maybe all the facts are not known about why china is treating muslims the way they are, if muslims in China are creating no go zones and advocating sharia law which China has forbidden that may be why the muslims are being mistreated, muslims believe that if you don’t become one of them you die so we need to think before condemning

  2. Trump does not put children in cages, that was Obama. Muslims, who come to America, should stop trying to force their religion on us. I am a Christian and I refuse to accept any religion that degrade women, rape children, kill gays, and kill those who do not accept their religion. Anyone who demands that we AMERICAN CITIZENS change should stay in the Country that accepts them. The reason I can’t stand the DEMOCRATS is because they think they are the only ones who have a right to an opinion. They spread lies and hate.

  3. There is a simple ignorance; and then there is a criminal ignorance; and finally there is the unspeakable criminal ignorance displayed here.

  4. There is first simple ignorance – displayed by example by the US Democrat Party which thinks that the future is in the socialism; then there is a criminal ignorance where the Democrats believe the future consists in “equality” of results and means. Finally there is the communist ignorance where the means are mass murder and total poverty for all except for the ruling communist elite.

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