Ilhan Omar SPITS Vile Accusation To Divide America

She has crossed the line…

Rep. Ilhan Omar sent a tweet to react to the mass shooting in Odessa, Texas on Sunday, saying America has “let mass murder become the new normal.”

She sent out another Tweet on Tuesday stating that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, weak gun laws, “white supremacy,” and the National Rifle Association included the “real causes” of what she called the “gun violence epidemic” in the U.S.

“This country has let mass murder become the new normal,” Omar said in her Tweet on Sunday.

“The House has passed comprehensive gun legislation,” she said.

“It’s time for @senatemajldr to take up legislation in the Senate immediately—before more people lose their lives,” she said.

In her Tweet, Omar said:

“Trump keeps blaming the gun violence epidemic on mental illness. Here are the real causes:

“–@senatemajldr, who blocks gun bills from the Senate.

“–Weak state gun laws—Texas expanded gun access just one day after this weekend’s mass shooting.

“–White supremacy.

“–The @NRA.”

    1. Totally agree. She is following Obomination’path to support Muslim Brotherhood ISIS financial assistance source to help eliminate personal owned weapons so that the Muslims can start coming in by the thousands with ISIS members to try and dominate America as they have been doing to the gun controlled Western European Countries now.

  1. Dear God why is she still in Congress????? If this were a conservative spouting all this crap, they would have been gone long ago. What’s wrong with these people that they don’t boot her ass out???I am glad she has been there, because she has ruined the Demonrat party. So glad. You’ve done your job not go away.

  2. Omar has never been fit to be in our Congress. The House seems to condone her hate for America and Israel. In doing so, they show their unfaithfulness to our Country.

  3. Islamic Terrorists has become the “norm” sitting in the Congress of the United States!!! This needs to stop NOW, and get these Muslim/Islamic hordes out of America as fast as possible, like yesterday!!!!!

        1. If you don’t understand the dangers of Islam to our culture and way of life, then you are part of the problem. Islam is not flexible and does not assimilate.

  4. Read BATTLEFIELD AMERICA and YOU will understand why she is in office. And Omar? You have alot of room to talk considering your home country is worse then a over flowing outhouse filled with constant killing brought on by stupid people such as yourself and warlords.

  5. The arrogance and stupidity of this woman knows no bounds!
    This is the problem with the Democratic. The will say anything for votes ! With no facts , no proof , and no plan.

  6. Some people are just born troublemakers. Somewhere, sometime, they will come across someone who will seal their jaw shut and give the world a break from her destruction.

  7. If it was not for her so-called ‘White Supremacists’ giving to the unemployed and unemployable inter-breeding Muslim leeches, she would be back in Somalia breeding another four or five clones.
    Ingratitude permeates her entire ungrateful being.
    She is a totally immoral, cheating, lying, ‘poncing’ product of the loose immigration laws of the USA, the U.K. And Europe.
    Stop them ALL – Now!4

  8. WHY do they keep calling traffic stop killing of police officer and killing trying to get away Mass Murder.There were No masses involved.There was No attack on a Mass Event.Because more than one was killed does Not make it a Mass Killing.Wake Up America !!!!!

  9. Omar- “let mass murder become the new normal.”
    Well, that should finally make her feel right at home then…Somalia USA—Right?
    Someone please get the evidence of her immigration fraud and rescind her citizenship then send her lying little head covered hateful supercilious Dem-agogueish ass back to the land she loves so much more than America.

    And if some snowflake wants to accuse me of Racism for saying that or for criticizing a “woman of color” it is not, it is, however, anti-anti-American which is what this little ungrateful witch is. So go ahead and scream White Supremisics White Nationalist Nazi- yawn- these slanders will be as overused and boring as the accusation of Racist which you people have thrown out so often even real Racists say it no longer means anything. WTG though lefties, you have in less than three years used up half of your ammunition and we simply Don’t Care anymore about your labels- the next six years are going to be very hard on you all.

  10. DERANGED DEPLORABLE STOOGE SISTER OMAR has a little on her plate:
    1. ADULTERY = Sentence = ( Stoned To Death )
    2. FRAUDULENT TAX RETURNS = Sentence ( Federal Prison )
    3. CAMPAIGN FUNDS FRAUD = Using Campaign Funds to pay for a DIVORCE for her Brother = Sentence
    ( Federal Prison )
    4. SLEEPING AROUND WITH A MARRIED MAN = Sentence ( Stoned To Death )
    5. FALSIFYING TAX RETURN’S = Sentence ( Federal Prison )
    6. FALSIFYING CITIZENSHIP = Sentence = ( Federal Prison )
    7. ETHICS VIOLATIONS = Sentence = ( Expulsion From Congress )
    And there could be many more !

  11. Why can’t we get “THE SQUARD” out of congress, better yet, get them out of this country that they hate so much! Have we gotten that pathetic? Enough is enough. Get their sorry asses out of here!

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