Hung Up Democrats Hatch New Scheme

Democrats refuse to acknowledge when they’ve been beaten. 

President Trump continues to all that he can to provide for the safety of American citizens, even though Democrats hound him every step of the way. 

The most recent example comes as a response to the Pentagon announcing that it has reallocated $1.5 billion to be used for a wall along the southern border. 

Despite there being a national emergency over the matter, Democrats are still trying to prevent the wall from being built by concocting a new law that would block the Pentagon from making the contribution. 

“We have the most capable and advanced military in the world, and this bill honors their mission by adequately funding programs to care for service members and their families, and by protecting defense funding from being stolen for the president’s wasteful wall,” said Rep. Nita Lowey, chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

This is outrageous. A national emergency has been declared. Multiple border officials have admitted that the situation at the border is a full blown crisis that cannot be ignored. Yet here Democrats are inventing ways to hand the country over to illegal immigrants all in the name of spiting Donald Trump. 

  1. I find it very hard to believe that these butt head democrat socialist s can not realize the truth when they see it. it apparently takes a complete idiot to ignore all truth presented.

    1. I really wish the Democrats would realize what fools they are making of themselves. It is also shading such a negative light to the entire world. President Trump is the best president we’ve had in office since Ronald Reagan. He is finally cleaning up the swamp & showing us all the dirty politicians we as Americans have been putting up with for far to long. The democrats are in so much fear of being put on the carpet for all their illegal dealings. Hillary Clinton needs to be thrown in jail, to show that no one is above facing their wrong doings, and she’s full of them.

      1. I am a retiree and at times look for projects that benefit my country. I would gladly donate my time to build the gallows to hang these terrorist democrats that are found guilty of TREASON. Any chance things are going to start soon, I can put it on my calendar.

    2. you hit the nail on the head “COMPLETE IDIOTS” just look at the picture above have you ever seen a more angry , unhappy group of people. They are so worried that they will stop at nothing to Keep President Trump from winning 2020. They have not gotten over the Clinton loss in 2016. BUILD THAT WALL NOW> TRUMP 2020. GOD BLES PRESIDENT TRUMP & HAPPY BIRTHDAY>

    3. You are so right anything our president wants they don’t been fighting him since he became president he’s not always right but just imagine what he could do if they all get behind him

    4. I fully agree. That’s why so many people I talk with are leaving the party after a lifetime of supporting the Democratic Party

    5. This conflict is not a difference of opinion between POTUS and his opponents. They know full well that the situation at the southern border is critical
      Their goal is two fold.
      1). Open borders to allow unlimited immigration. This will enhance their voting power base.
      2) Express their spiteful rage toward Trump who destroyed their dream of continued power in 2015

      A country without secure borders cannot survive!
      The Presidents deranged opponents don’t care about this obvious fact.
      Rather they are obsessed with their lust for political power.

  2. the dirty democrats are just that DIRTY. They hurt hundered’s of people with there riots. And the Republicans do not say anything. The democrats wasted 30 million dollars that should have gone to The Wall or roads for Americans. The Democrats wasted millions of dollar trying to block PRESIDENTS EVERY MOVE.

  3. “All of us are born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid.” Ben Franklin
    Ben foresaw the democrat (communist) party and it’s collection of totally stupid fools.

  4. I think all this will change when it comes election time!!!
    Time to get rid of all of them for good of the country!!!

  5. I find it hard to believe that there not at least a few democrats in the house that understand the nature of this crisis. So rather than being ostracized by the delusional space cadet Pelosi and the other power hungry American haters they remain silent.

  6. Time to bring justice across the land. The first to fall will be the Muslim usurpers’s group of resistance. After that I hope they move on to the criminals in CONgress who have violated their Oath of Office.

  7. It’s truly a shame that we cannot get together for the benefit of ALL American citizens! It seems that the Democratic Party wants to fundamentally change our lives and they have not considered, at all, the history, good and bad, that has shaped our Country and it’s citizens. It’s truly hard to believe, that the Democratic party has made such a hard and ill-considered turn toward socialism and worse. I have come, reluctantly, to believe that the Democratic Party is so far to the left, that they have erased our hard-won freedom and they are driving so terribly toward socialism…a proven failure that only benefits the leaders and condemns all of it’s citizens a reiressed society with little or no hope of living in a free, true, democratic society! This is truly a sad, and possibly, a total destruction of our nation?

  8. When will the Democrats figure out that they are not immune from bullets, knives , and drugs . Rape, assault , They and their families may not have been attack yet ,(if they were they would probably hide it)
    I think for every citizen and their families that are attacked because of their failure to supply adequate protection for the attacks from illegals should lose there secret service protection and have medical bills deducted from their monthly pay.Robert

  9. These elected supposed servants of the people are refusing defend our nation as they have SWORN to do!!! Our border protection personnel have pleaded for help.  They have refused. I consider this is TREASON!!! We need to start calling them what they clearly are.  They are TRAITORS. They should be impeached and arrested. They don’t deserve this great country.  Stop being NICE to them. Take action.

  10. The American electorate should consider well the actions of the “democrat elected Congresspersons” — they are and have demonstrated a complete disregard for the people they are SUPPOSED to represent. They KNOW full well the disaster IN PROGRESS at our southern border. IN SPITE OF THIS EMERGENCY, they continue to play POLITICS !! ENOUGH OF THIS “hate Trump” — he is the elected President — your JOB is to support the needs of this nation — NOT RESIST EVERY EFFORT OF THE PRESIDENT WHO IS TRYING TO SERVE THE NEEDS OF THE COUNTRY !!

  11. California Wants to remove Trump from the presidential ticket it time to remove the Congress representatives from California out of Congress.

    1. I wish the wall to be built but all this game who wins need to stop. I feel like its not a bought the people but who horse is bigger! They both need to stop. We need a country that supports each other not fight each other. We need to make laws more black and white . Stop trying to undue each other progress yes something do need to change but my country not a game so stop playing games start working.

  12. IF the DumbocRATs are this ANTI-AMERICAN now, just think what they would do IF they controlled Congress and The President, Their Socialism would run AMERICA into the ground just like Venezuela which at one time was a very successful and prosperous country. ALL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS MUST GET OUT AND VOTE RED IN 2020. AVERY VERT BLINDING BRIGHT RED.

  13. Isn’t it ironic that the same morons fighting the wall on the southern border have
    1) built ‘immoral walls’ surrounding their personal plantations (even owning multiple walled plantations) and
    2) voted repeatedly for the previous twenty (20) YEARS to allocate billions to build walls along the southern border (and ‘reallocated’ much of that passed funding to pet projects). Wasn’t the wall effort ‘immoral’ when these same morons voted FOR its construction for twenty plus years?
    Aside from the White House residents, what has suddenly caused the same protection for which these people repeatedly fought FOR and built around their own personal properties to become so reprehensible?

  14. Hate is a terrible thing to waste, and the Democrats have so much hatred of God, country, and Trump that they have turned into ugly old men and women, whose only platform is hate. Vote for me because I hate Donald Trump, the businessman who has done more for this country than any of us egotistical politicians have. They should be enjoying the bounty and the luxury of living in the greatest nation on earth, instead of trying to get others to hate, like they do. No wonder our youngsters are so screwed up and think the only way to their prosperity is to hate and destroy.

  15. It’s time to charge the democrats for treason, since they are aiding illegals storming our border and placing Americans at risk! If they are breaking the laws or at the least failing to enforce them , then they are helping the criminals , get in the country. How many have died by them, whether it’s by murder drugs and any other violent crimes , these socialist should be charged as well for sitting on their asses allowing this to happen to American citizens.

  16. WELL ! IT, looks like a GRAND OLD PICTURE of famously profound WASHINGTON D.C. ZOO.. With ONE BIGGEST BABOONS right in front ! And GORILLA GREEN to his left ! And the famous BUFFOON BOTOX QUEEN PELOSI !
    And the rest of the DEPLORABLE BABOONS surrounding them .. It’s HATERED GREAT ! That’s why WE THE PEOPLE have the HATEFUL DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS all in a ROW ..

  17. Please tell me when the demorats stopped being Americans, will not help protect our country’s borders, talk of socialism which would make our fore fathers and all who fought to make this a free country, and still doing that today. They are in Washington for one reason and one reason only, to make and keep our country safe! For all of the people that put the demorats in Washington are watching and listening and will make decisions at the poll. The Demorats cannot, still, accept that President Trump won the election and are totally obsessed, obsessed with trying to remove him from office and damn the people who they are suppose to be working for…
    A sorry state of affairs and only the people who vote next year can decide what they want, a successfully run country or one of hate and obsessive behavior!!!

  18. Tear down the walls the democrats have around their homes and mansions let them see how we feel not having our borders protected with walls start with Nancy Pelosi walls and tear her walls down first !

  19. DemocRATS will never learn until we the people of the US vote every one of them out of office just as fast as we can, but then their egos are so large they will still be stupefied that the people dared to vote against them just like killerey they will be making excuses till twenty years from now, or maybe more

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