Hollywood Star Goes CRAZY, Deals LOW Blow To Trump

She’s lost all her marbles.

According to CNS News, liberal singer and actress Cher attacked President Donald Trump in a series of tweets stating his COVID-19 press briefings are really “NEW Campaign Rallies.”

“trump Calls NEW Campaign Rallies“The Daily Coronavirus Briefing,” Cher tweeted.

“From Behind a Podium he Yells,Bullies,Threatens,Casts Blame,Is Incoherent,Tries 2 Act Presidential,& Wants Pity,” she added.

“NOW, In Time of Crisis,Chaos,Fear,He Supports Civil Disobedience,” she said.

You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Fox News

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  1. Pretty easy for millionaires to bitch about people who want to work and feed their children and pay their bills. Shut the hell up has-been Cher!

  2. Time for Cher to retire. She is trying to remain in the lime light, but she is years past her prime days for her style of entertaining. All the surgeries and medical cosmetics is just making her a sick parody of who she once was. Best to go away quietly while everyone remembers her as she was.

  3. CHER WHO????? She’s been a has been for so long I had almost forgotten who the witch was. Looks like they could just go into retirement and have people remember the good parts of them, but not they have to act like asses and take all that away. From me to you Cher STFU. No one cares what you have to say.

  4. These actors and singers were just about completely forgotten until Trump ran for office! Now, the only way they can create any attention for themselves is to scream, holler and yell about President Trump. They fall for the fake news and spread it like wild fire because they think it is the real deal. lol “The Hollywood whineys” ain’t what they used to be many long years ago!

  5. I personally could care less what some has been alleged star like Cher has to say. If I wanted something intelligent I sure wouldn’t go to a legend in their own mind.
    I amazes me how people fall all over alledged has been.

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