Hollywood Director LOSES It, Goes On VIOLENT Trump Attack

He’s lost all his marbles.

According to Breitbart News, Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore stumped for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) stating that the socialist senator’s proposals to eliminate student debt and address the climate change “crisis” come from a place of selflessness, unlike President Trump, who Moore claims “doesn’t even give a s**t about his own kids or grandkids.”

“What you do is not just about Iowa, just like Bernie. What he has done his whole life is not just about Bernie,” Moore stated, claiming that Sanders “gains nothing from eliminating student debt” and “gets nothing out of stopping this climate emergency.”

There’s “no greater moment, no more important moment to elect a person that will be relentless, relentless in making sure that this stops,” Moore said.

“He knows he’s not gonna be here in 40 years, so why is he doing it? What’s he get out of it? What’s in it for him?” Moore asked, contending that President Trump “doesn’t even give a s**t about his own kids or grandkids.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Newsweek

  1. Moore is your classic libertard Sociopath. He will not do something beneficial for others unless there is a pay off for him in it. He’s like the Mafia Don in Godfather II who would allow Vito and the Guys operate in his territory as long as they pay him tribute. Liberals are the same way, “We will help you with this problem you have as long as we can dip our beak into the money pot a little.” Just like Sanders. Sanders was once a good Marxist out to get all of the wealthy people, that is until he became a millionaire with three extravagant homes, now he is only out to get billionaires. Trump is your classic Conservative here to build something good for the nation and the people both present and future. If the man was so greedy he would not have frozen all his businesses or turned them over to his kids. If he was so greedy he would be banking his Presidential Salary instead of giving it away. President Trump has an eye on the future of this nation, he has brought back much of the former glory of this nation basically with one arm tied behind his back. The Dems have done nothing product or constructive to earn the extravagant pay and benefits we tax payers provide them, since election night 2016. They have been on a three year partisan coup attempt to overthrow our President using tax payer time and money.

  2. Thank GOD for POTUS TRUMP. Simply put if he wasn’t POTUS and the dems were in charge we would be communist by now. He’s saved the country and is vigilent against the left and their MSM propaganda machine.

  3. Where is the scientific proof of climate change? I haven’t read or seen any scientific proof of climate change. I do see seasonal changes which was created by GOD. Seasonal change has to do with the seasons and environmental change has to do with our treating of the land. Yes, we do need to be more protective not stupid with preserving our land and water.

  4. Michael Moore is too stupid for words! I would bet that his dimm doesn’t give a rats a__ about anything but his next meal and surely not the taxpayers but he has the gall to demean the people who work to pay taxes and do not want to have to pay for the people who will not fulfill their own debts. I would also like to know if and when Moore ever contributed anything to anyone other then himself.

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