Hollywood Director Demands Democrats Do WHAT

He’s completely lost his mind.

According to The Daily Wire, leftist Rob Reiner attacked Republicans stating that Democrats need to use their “use” “powerful weapons.”

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body isn’t even cold and Mitch McConnell is dancing on her grave,” Reiner claimed. “This is war. Dems have powerful weapons. Now is the time to use them.”

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt responded to Reiner, writing: “It isn’t war. Dems have no weapons. @senatemajldr issued a very respectful statement about the passing of a great American. Other than that Rob, you got it right.”

You can read the full article here.

Image credit: MarketWatch

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  1. Bob Reindr is a sick person! If DemocRAT Politicians were in power they would do the same thing! The difference. Is the Democrats will do anything to gain power and that means doing criminal acts! In fact Obama did treasonous acts by criminalizing federal employers to overthrow a duly elected President that have a list of items he promised the country and did all of them, never even close by any DemocRAT president! DemocRAT Politicians did nothing to help the country the whole time Trump was President! A feat Inhopr will never be achieved again!

  2. When obumer was in office the republicans controlled the senate and there was the 2016 election coming up, so the republicans refused to confirm the liberal supreme court justice that obumer wanted to appoint because there was a chance a republican would win, the difference today is that the senate and the presidency is both republican, therefore a justice that the president was to appoint will not have a dog fight over the appointment by any one except the democRATS like they did over kavanaugh, any republican that refuses to confirm the appointment had better watch their back because there will be a lot of republican voters angry at them for not confirming an appointment suggested by the president, Trump has not let us down yet with his suggested conservative judges

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