Hillary Clinton Comes Back For REVENGE

America has had enough of her.

During a recent interview on “Washington Post Live,” failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted former President Donald Trump for his “negligence” during the pandemic and other issues during his four years in office.

According to Breitbart, Clinton said, “I don’t understand why the Republican Party is so afraid of itself, because that’s what it comes down to. They are afraid that Donald Trump will instigate primary opponents against them, and those primary opponents will demand loyalty to Trump, not to the Republican Party, not to the United States of America. I think this will eventually burn out. I hope sooner, not later. This country should not be so much in turmoil or at the whim of someone so indifferent to more than 500,000 deaths from COVID from white supremacists and nationalists storming our Capitol and everything else he has either blessed or ignored.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: CNBC

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  1. Excuse me Hillary. It was China and the WHO who failed to inform Pres Trump the severity of the virus. When he found out about the virus he cancelled all flights to and from China. Pres Trump done more for the American people regarding the virus since he received mixed messages from the CDC Fauci along with the rest of Americans. People don’t even listen to Fauci or the CDC anymore as the COVID deaths are inflated. Tell me why an American Democratic citizen would fund $1.3 M to a Chinese lab when America has labs. Pelosi also gave millions to the Chinese lab who caused this virus. It is my belief that this was all arranged by the Democrats, Global Elites, Deep State and others to bring down Trump at the expense of the American citizens so the Democrats and Global Elites like Bill Gates can CONTROL everyone and their lives. I don’t trust any of these people.

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