BOMBSHELL: Here’s What Facebook Doesn’t Want You To Know

It was recently revealed that Facebook is trying to censor any comments critical of COVID vaccines.

But it turns out the situation is even worse than that.

They have been filtering people’s opinions about the vaccines based on what they believe.

That’s very sinister behavior, and makes you wonder how much Facebook really knows about us.

Following a recent report from Project Veritas revealing insider info from Facebook whistleblowers relating to the company’s handling of vaccine discussion, James O’Keefe and his investigative team have now revealed that the company “filters” content that expresses vaccine skepticism based on values such as supporting liberty or personal religious beliefs.

Breitbart News

Specifically, they have three tiers that aim to classify comments.

The first two are bad enough, but it’s the third one which takes things to a whole new level.

Now, in a follow-up report, Project Veritas claims that in addition to classifying Coroanvrirus-related comments into a Tier 1 and Tier 2 system in an attempt to demote “Vaccine Hesitancy,” the company also has a third Tier 3 category which “filters” content expressing objections or skepticism about vaccines, based on personal beliefs or opinions.

According to Project Veritas, these beliefs and opinions include “Liberty-based objections or skepticism,” “Religious-based objections or skepticism,” “Personal objections or skepticism,” “Political & Institutional-based vaccine objections or skepticism,” and “Development-based vaccine objections or skepticism.”

Breitbart News

So Facebook will track whether you make a negative post or comment about vaccines and then limit its reach.

After that, they’ll filter it based on whether your concerns are based on faith or liberty, as well as some other areas.

Faith and liberty are core conservative principles, and it sounds very much like Facebook is watching conservatives closely.

For now it’s just censorship, but how far will this go?

Facebook is a huge company with a lot of power and influence.

What will they do with all your information if they decide you have the wrong opinions?

After all, Facebook made no attempt to distance itself from this policy. It’s something they’re perfectly happy with:

A Facebook spokesperson commented on the issue simply stating: “We proactively announced this policy on our company blog and also updated our help center with this information.”

Breitbart News

Be wary of Facebook.

It’s not neutral toward conservatives, it’s hostile.

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