Guess How Many People Watched Biden’s Memorial Day Speech

Joe Biden supposedly got 81 million votes.

That would make him one of the most popular public figures in America.

Yet only the tiniest fraction of that number ever bothers to pay attention to anything he says.

His speech on Memorial Day had a grand total of 560 live viewers.

Not 56,000 – numbers that Trump would have easily reached.

Not even 5,600.

Just 560.

Joe Biden had 560 people watching live on the White House YouTube Channel.

These numbers continue to show a shockingly unpopular president.

The video has more downvotes (1,200) than viewers (560).

The Gateway Pundit

Here’s the full video below.

If you go and click on the link to watch on YouTube, you’ll see that the total number of viewers barely scrapes over the 10,000 mark.

10,024 at the time of writing, to be precise.

It also has over 2000 downvotes, but only 306 upvotes.

What a disaster for the Biden Administration.

Nobody cares what the official President of the United States has to say.

He has the ability to appear on any TV program, has legions of liberal journalists who will do anything he wants, and he can go live from the White House itself.

But that’s not enough to hide the truth.

He’s not well-liked, and he doesn’t hold people’s attention.

Total opposite to Donald Trump, but we all knew that already.

Question is, will he make it to 2024?

He seems to be fading into the background already, and it’s only a few months since he was sworn in.

Let’s wait and see!

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