FURIOUS Democrat Deals LOW Blow To Trump

He just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, former Housing Secretary Julian Castro attacked President Donald Trump stating his coronavirus response is “one of the worst failures in the history of our country.”

Castro said, “The Trump administration and this president is looking for any way that they can distract Americans from the fact that at the very moment when we needed strong leadership, when we needed a president and administration that was prepared to keep Americans safe, Trump and his administration failed, and they failed spectacularly.”

He added, “To look at The New York Times cover today, to think that we’re closing in on 100,000 deaths in this country, so many of those deaths that did not have to happen that happened because this administration was unprepared. And so they could try and blame other countries, they could, you know, talk about anything they want, what they can’t do is avoid the fact that they were unprepared and because of that so many Americans have died. It is a complete failure. I agree with those that said this is one of the worst failures in the history of our country.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: NBC News

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  1. Castro, talk about a sore loser.
    Are you seriously trying to make yourself relevant. Well, you are not. You just waste our time while we are searching for worthwhile information—-not your dribble, er drivvel.

  2. President Trump has done a very good job concerning the virus. As to the amount of people who sadly have passed away, the amount accounts for approximately 1% of the total population and losing just 1 person is sad but u need to look at the whole picture President Trump has done a terrific job since he become the President of the United States. Whether you like or dislike our President people need to face FACTS, he has accomplished and fulfilled most of his promises to us, the American people. Democrats are just sore LOSERS. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP ALL THE WAY 2020!!!!!!!!!! GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!

    1. Democrats are not sore losers. You are just a Dumb Fucking Cunt. You and the other republicans should see a psychiatrist or get off the drugs or alcohol you’re overindulging in.

      1. Dems are sore losers they havent gotten over Killer HELL-ERYs loss. She has broken more Federal laws than anyone has, she has lied to Congress several times, she killed 4 AMericans at BENGHAzi,she has 1 truth for every 3 lies she tells. Trump has been under pressure since he became President. And all of them but the Pandemic, were lies from the DEMOCRATS made by Adam Schiff, the mentally unstable SCHIFTER and NADLER. He has been investigated=Nothing, entire thing was a scam. He was impeached by Schifter who wrote a comic strip about what he said on a telephone conversation. Then got a disgruntled service member to lie. Trump wasnt impeached. He has done more good than any presidente except Reagan. Kennedy wasnt president long enough to make a judgement. IF the Dems ever get to have a president in the WH again the Republicans will harass him, try to tie him with our enemy, LIE TO HIM ABOUT EVERTTHING AS THE DEMS HAVE DONE TO TRUMP, IMPEACH HIM 1 OR 2 TIMES, HAVE AN INVESTIGATION INTO HIS CHARACTER AND ETC, AND ETC.

  3. The left is so desperate they will willingly make ass-clowns of themselves in the hopes the masses will believe their slop and slander. H1N1 Swine flu killed nearly 1,000 people before Barry acted. It took BarryO a month to get off his lazy ass and do something. President Trump, as soon as it became apparent that WHO was lying to us, that Covid-19 was spreading human to human and the first known case was reported, he, President Trump shut down all travel from China. Meanwhile, Nancy Peloser was begging people to come to Chinatown, Cuomo was calling it much ado about nothing and comrade de Blasio was telling people to go on about their business. January 14th 2020 China acknowledged Wuhan flu could become a Pandemic, the CDC implemented screenings at 5 international airports January 17th 2020. The WHO continued to downplay the threat through January and on the 31st Trump declared Covid a national public health threat.

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