Fox News Host Shows His TRUE Colors, SLANDERS Republicans

Fox News has lost their values…

On Fox News Channel’s “American Newsroom,” network anchor Chris Wallace refuted Republican complaints that the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry was unfair to President Donald Trump.

Wallace said, “Well, my feeling is that if you are having trouble with the facts, you argue process. That’s what Republicans are doing right now. The Democrats have gotten some very damaging information from people like William Taylor, the acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Fiona Hill, who used to be one of the top advisors in the National Security Council on Ukraine. Evidence that seems to tie more of a quid pro quo, that there is some evidence from these people working in the Trump administration that the president linked aid to Ukraine, White House meeting with Ukrainian president to getting oppo research on the Democrats.”

He continued, “What Republicans are doing, they’re arguing the process is unfair. You can make that argument, but if you look back during Benghazi when that was being investigated by Trey Gowdy, they had hearings in private and depositions in private. You try to build your case, figure out who are the witnesses that can say something, and who can’t. Then you will end up holding public hearings anyway.”

He added, “There is not a chance in the world they aren’t going the bring the key witnesses up to be questioned by both Republicans and Democrats. Democrats have to make the case for impeachment before they vote. I just think that in the end, after we have these must-see TV hearings with these key witnesses in public in November, I’m not sure people are going to care a lot about what the process was in October.”

He concluded, “For all the talk this is being done in private, there are 45 Republicans who are members of these three committees who have access to this. It’s not like just the Democrats in a room alone with these Trump administration officials. There are 45 Republicans who can be in the room and ask them questions as well.”

  1. Mike Wallace is the next to go. He talks about the process and he doesn’t even know what process he is talking about. He can be a liberal opinion forcaster if he wants, but he needs to be on CNN. He has rode on his dad’s coattail long enough.

    1. Hey Wallace, they would not let the committee members that are Republicans into the “closed meetings” Stop your friggin” lying as we are sick of it and you!

      1. marleen davis, what if I tell you you are a sack of dung! Wallace is a repugnant liberal the same as you, you “stop your friggin’ ” lying, you can’t handle the truth!

    2. Henry, it’s Chris Wallace, his dad is Mike – I can see that you got confused, they are one in the same. Mike was just as ignorant as Chris, his son. However, I agree with you!

    3. The source the whistle blower! Adam Schiff says we may not to hear testimony from the whistle blower, our main source of information about something, not sure what but it doesn’t matter we have enough hearsay witnesses, like if three people tell the same lie it must be true right? Wrong Schiff, there is no whistle blower, you made it all up like you did President Trumps phone conversation.
      Why are you hiding Schiff? When the Republicans stormed your Communist bunker why did you run away with what everyone seems to think was a witness, that wasn’t a witness that was a prop besides witness to what? All of your so called witnesses can’t provide any facts, all they can provide is hearsay and you don’t want the Republicans to cross examine your phony witnesses because you know that they will expose them to the American public for what they are and what you are! FRAUDS, LIARS, LEAKERS and TRAITORS to your oath of office and to the American people! Witch hunt one lasted two and a half years and cost taxpayer’s over 40 million dollars and was a dud!
      The follow up hearing was another dud! the phony democrats and their phony investigators did manage to drag the phony investigation out until after the 2018 midterms, keeping a shroud of doubt over President Trump which enabled democrats to win back the House of Representative. Now your intent is to drag this charade out until after the 2020 election thinking that you will be able to steal the election but it is going to work, the American people are smarter than you think besides the democrats don’t have a real or sane candidate!
      Anyone that believes in global warming, the new green deal or that the world is going to end in 12 years I would like to point out what some of you may already know but just so everyone that can read knows, I would like to point out that the United States makes up less than 2% of the earth’s surface. We the people of the United States can do our part but we can’t save the planet! Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!

  2. Mike Wallace has always been a staunch democrat and of course trash sticks with trash. I never watch that lying traitor anyway.

  3. Trump has certainly forced the hand of the Democrats.
    For decades they have been manipulating the voters.
    Since the 2016 general election they have turned America into the Hatfields and McCoys.
    Either you are for us or against us.
    Can’t wait for the 2020 showdown.
    Either America will go over the precipice, or sanity will return to the land.

  4. Chris Wallace has been an obvious anti-Trumper fist displayed during the debates in 2016 and picking up momentum lately. He is taking the Dem talking points as if they are fact. He is a disgrace to FNC.

  5. Wallace is just another version of the commentator Smith that was gotten rid of not too long ago. He hates the republicans and especially President Trump. Time after time Wallace has shown his true colors yet Fox still keeps him.

  6. I too used to watch Wallace’s show on Sundays. I kind of got that feeling when Fox hosted a debate prior to Trumps win in 2016. That was the debate that Megan Kelly got into it with Trump that was the whole discussion after that debate. What I noticed was Wallace’s loaded question to Trump of “” will you SIR accept the results of the election ” ? that was a ”gotcha’ question if there ever was one. Wallace kind of got away with his liberal slant then because the Megan tussle took all the air out of the room . Since then its been all down hill with him to the point I have not watched him in many many months . HE is a liberal in the same mode of Shepard Smith and supposed judge Napolitano. If I wanted to watch CNN FINE but not on fox. FOX better get smart and go back to where they were when the boys father ran Fox

  7. The problem is that none of the Republicans have been allowed in this “process.” That’s the illegal point that the GOP are saying. Mr. Wallace, you used to report the truth, but now you’re just doing what the other liars do on the lamestream media.

  8. Fox needs to keep these liberals to give their opinions. Mike, Juan, Sheppard (who’s left the network), and a couple of the females I think are liberals. Remember the slogan, “fair and balanced”. Fox News does a much better job than all the other networks combined to offer commentators with opposing views. The fact that ABC/Disney bought the non-news Fox network is what concerns me. Fox News was kept out of the purchase, but I’ve seen Fox advertisements on the Fox News Network. I hope Murdoch sells it to Bill O’Reilly if anybody!

  9. It ought to be a requirement that, so called, journalists spend 2 out of 5 years in the real America. They’d have the opportunity to learn what motivates real people, then if the way r to go back, so be it.

  10. Chris Wallace is an asshole plain and simple. I never liked his father and I especially don’t like him. As others here have said, he belongs on CNN as Smith will be as soon as his agreement with FOX runs out.

  11. Winnie, Chris Wallace has always been a Winnie Democrat and always will be, I IGNORE HIM AND HIS SLIGHTED LEFT ATTITUDES. We all know why he hates Pres. Trump, it is no secret.

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