Fox Host THROWS Pence Under The Bus

Should have thoughts twice before doing this…

Fox Business’ Stuart Varney criticized Vice President Mike Pence for his recent trip to the Mayo Clinic where he didn’t wear a face mask.

According to Breitbart, Varney began by saying, “What happens this weekend if the weather is good and New Yorkers pour out of their homes and apartments and gather in crowds, they get too close together, all in Central Park? What’s he going to do? This is true anywhere in the country where social distancing rules apply, and that’s just about everywhere. Across the country, businesses are reopening. The restraints are coming off. As we have said all week long, cabin fever is meeting spring fever, and we are getting out and about. Can we enjoy the spring responsibly? We had better because a spike in new cases would mean a second wave and perhaps a new and more crippling lockdown. Nobody wants that.”

He then added, “Surely the answer is this, wash your hands, wear a mask, and keep your distance. That minimizes risk. If you are still worried, stay home. One last point: It does not help when public officials ignore their own rules, like Vice President Mike Pence at the Mayo Clinic yesterday. He should have worn a mask. He didn’t. We should all obey the rules coming out this week. We can have our cake and eat it too.”

You can watch a clip of Varney’s comment here.

Image credit: Los Angeles Times

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  1. No one said anything to Pelosi when she was at the mike yesterday with her absurd scarf around her neck and NOT covering her mouth.

  2. YES, you should have been wearing your face mask MR. Vice President. U/R not above anyone else. Don’t act like Mayor Bill de Blasio. Set the example!!! You are an excellent VP.

  3. Stewart Varney wants to divert the story so he doesn’t look bad trying to fake financial reporting!

  4. And if your there with the virus, you should have already been qorintined ! Fever, check it befor going out !!!! All flu’s start with fever and then your contagious! Your responsibility!!! His probably smart enough to know that !!!! Are you ?

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