Former FBI Lawyer Wanted Hillary Clinton Charged

Hillary Clinton stunned the world when she got away with the gross mishandling of classified information through her use of a private email. Yet former FBI General Counsel James Baker sought to have Clinton charged for her crimes.

Baker explained how he saw enough evidence to charge Clinton for violations of the Espionage Act. He was under the assumption that this is how events would unfold until his former boss, FBI Director James Comey, announced that Clinton would not face charges.

Baker’s own position on the matter only changed after heated discussions with senior bureau colleagues, which included Comey. Baker stated that he had “argued with others about why they thought she shouldn’t be charged.”

The former FBI counsel lamented that he was ultimately persuaded not to pursue charges as the evidence was insufficient.

“I had that belief initially after reviewing, you know, a large binder of her emails that had classified information in them. And I discussed it internally with a number of different folks and eventually became persuaded that charging her was not appropriate because we could not establish beyond a reasonable doubt — we, the government, could not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that she had the intent necessary to violate (the law)….”

While it’s now in the past it’s unfortunate that Baker was so outnumbered as to allow Clinton to go free. If there’s any silver lining it’s that at least Clinton is being watched harder than ever. 

    1. You must be kidding. They have been after Trump since before the election and they are still after him. Problem is they can’t find anything that he has done wrong. Are you not living in the real world? Hillary and the top five people in the DOJ were protecting her. Nobody is protecting Trump. They have put people in jail that were connected to
      him but not one single charge against them has anything to do wth Trump.

    2. You need to wake up and quit listening to the Leftist Media.
      President Trump hasn’t committed a crime or violated any laws

  1. Well considering the trend of “no statute of limitations” in a variety of events, there now needs to be charges filed and pursued until conviction. Just like all the other cases. Only this one should involve punishment for traitorous acts.

  2. You can better believe if I or anyone that I worked with devulged confidential, secret, or top secret information I/we would have been breaking rocks at Leavenworth Federal Pen. But yes this priveliged rich person is allowed to go off scott free. She even sold some of our uranium to our arch enemyRussia (talk about collusion) for a huge donation to the Clinton Crime Foundation. Even Billy-Bob got in on the act and got $500,000 for giving a one time speech in Russia. Most of the attendees probably didn’t understand because they were not fluent enough in English. This woman defied government rules about safeguarding government documents, allowed some people not qualified to receive classified materials to have access to them. She had them on a server that any good hacker could break into and on handheld devices that were vulnerable to hacking also. But she’s still walking around the country and the world giving speeches and IS NOT EVEN UNDER INDICTMENT! Talk about CRAP, but that is CRAP.

  3. All of the ones involved with the F.B.I. should be fired and go to jail. I wonder if the Hillary gave any money to Comey and others to drop charges. She needs to be in jail, or hung for Treason.

    1. I agree with all the above comments. Especially, where Mr. Saulsbury wondered if Hillary gave and money to Comey and “others” to drop charges. Remember Glen, she said “If I go down, I’m taking lot of others down with me. THATS.’ as close as anyone can get to a confession”. Most of the swamp would be gone by now and the special counsel investigation either would not have started or would’ve been over by now.

  4. She is not better than us deplorables! Therefore she should be charged for her crimes! What makes her so special?

  5. That FBI Director Comey and his Progressive Liberal Democratic and Never Trumpster Left Leaning Non-Conservative Repub Cabal, including Mrs. HRC and #44 truly should be brought up on Espionage Charges, for deliberately sweeping their Illegal Actions under the Democratic Rug and then throwing that Democratic Rug in with all of their skeletons filled closet! The above portions of The US Political Party’s crammed closet needs to be opened, so the true Conservative Republicans can truly ask The Pertinent questions, an get ANSWERS AND UNDER OATH!!! Because every single US Congressional Member I Do Believe NEEDS TO RETAKE THAT OATH TO SERVE AND PROTECT THE US CONSTITUTION AND ALL OF THOSE AMENDMENTS THAT PREVIOUS US ADMINISTRATIONS ATTACHED TO IT, AND THE LEGALLY ELECTED US PRESIDENT MR. DONALD JOHN TRUMP AND “WE THE LEGAL CITIZENS/PEOPLE AND THE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” CAN SEE AND HEAR WHAT ALL THE ILLEGAL ACTIONS THAT THE PLDP AND THE NTLLNon-CR, THAT TRULY SHOULD HAVE NEVER DONE, REMEMBER THE US JUSTICE SYSTEM IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE ACCUSED IS INNOCENT, UNLESS THE ACCUSED IS PROVEN TO BE GUILTY WITHOUT A DOUT!!!

  6. I truly believe that what goes around, comes around.
    Hillary and Obama will Never get away with all the crime they’ve committed.
    They think they’re Crime Free without punishment.
    All the crimes they’ve done, are pointed at President Trump.
    To stir the focus away from them.
    They’re too stupid to believe that we’re too naive to know what they’ve been doing all along.

  7. The Inspector General’s report will be out soon. If government agencies were indeed involved with creating,facilitating and spreading false information to deliberately attack a political opponent, then all of these abuses should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I foresee another movie similar to ” All the President’s Men”. It should be very entertaining.

    1. That sounds great! They need to be charged with Treason. Then we should be able to take O’s retirement and put the money he took from Medicare back where it belongs.

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