Fed Up Lindsey Graham Deals EXTREME BLOW To Illegals

Things are about to change…

The Senate Judiciary Committee entered a heated conflict over a controversial asylum bill in one of the last days leading up to the August recess. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, declined to postpone the proposal any longer after accusing Democrats of withholding a 7-week vote.

The proposal, known as the Secure and Protect Act, requires Central American asylum seekers to register outside the U.S. before applying for asylum. Graham’s bill also expanded the period to keep migrant couples from 20 days to 100 days in detention centers to assist in preventing immigration fraud.

The bill will ensure that unaccompanied children migrating from Central America are returned after screening to their home country following the procedure for children entering Canada and Mexico.

The Judiciary Committee eventually narrowly approved the bill by a 12-10 margin. The panel was short two Democrats in a vote on the bill last week leading Democrats to accused Graham of breaking the rules. “Why even have rules?” Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein asked rhetorically. Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy reinforced this sentiment saying “if the majority is willing to break any rule in order to report this bill today, there are no rules.”

Graham defended the bill’s passing, claiming he did not violate Senate rules. Graham accused Democrats of deliberately failing to appear last week at a meeting on the proposal and delaying it for seven weeks.

“Here’s the way I take what you did last week, your saying I really can’t be chairman. After seven weeks of holding my own bill, under this scenario I can’t even pass a bill that I introduced as chairman because two of you won’t show up,” Graham said. “I will work with you as long as I can in good faith, but you are not going to take my job away from me! I take this very personally. I tried my best.”

Graham even called out Leahy directly, who was sitting to his left, saying, “Senator Leahy, you’ve been here a long time. I would never have done this to you.”  Leahy responded by saying he was absent, “because a member of my family was being buried.”

Graham provided his condolences instantly, but rendered it apparent that he was notified that the Democrats would not appear on political grounds.

“I will no longer allow our asylum laws to be exploited by human traffickers, smugglers and cartels,” said Graham in an official statement. “Cartels, smugglers and human traffickers are profiting off immigrants and helping them take advantage of our broken asylum laws. I will no longer allow the loopholes in our laws to be exploited. I will not aid and abet these horrific practices. My bill fixes these problems.”

    1. Diane Feinstein needs to be arrested for treason, tried and if found guilty, hung by the neck until dead, which is what America does to its traitors! The constitution warns of enemies, foreign and domestic. She is a domestic traitor and needs to be dealt with accordingly. To withhold her vote is saying she wants to continue open borders which is against the law. She needs to wake the hell up, NOW.

      1. After finding out she had a Chinse spy working for her for 20 years she hasn’t been investigate is beyond me! It is democrats like Diane Feinstein that are always saying no one is above the law, I guess that means unless you are a democrat or illegal alien!

  1. The Democrat Party has finally dropped the mask and like the Phantom of the Opera it ain’t pretty. The are the American Bolsheviks. No better than the Bolsheviks of one hundred years ago the murdered the Russian Royal Family and their associates in cold blood and laid the groundwork for the Soviet Union. These people consider themselves citizens of the world first and U.S. Citizens as a vehicle to facilitate their nefarious plan. Their plan, to establish a Western Hemisphere Soviet Union. Their reason for open borders and disarming law abiding U.S. Citizens. Their reason for allowing millions of foreign interlopers into the country and allowing masked thugs to spread anarchy across the country. Krushchev once said the U.S. would be destroyed from within, the Dems are proving him right. They are the enemy within.

    1. Gideon, right on, well said. The Democrat Party is the conduit for Rules of Radicals, they have a raging Alinsky Fever, that is destroying this country. We had a Manchurian Candidate for 8 plus years and is still working with his cartel to destroy our real President Trump.

  2. Why are they taking a long recess anyways they don’t do work except to obstruct the President agenda and democrats total refuse to work together. I hope Mr. Graham holds their feet to the fire. The republicans need to start growing a backbone and one other thing TERM LIMITS. GOD BLESS AMERICA ONE NATION UNDER HIM

    1. I have wondered why the Congress gets so many perks for many years. It began when years back I read the Founders never intended Congress to be a career, because they did not want an American Aristocracy. Sadly term limits never occurred to them when they organized Congress. There are a number of things that bother me about Congress like why does an elected position have a retirement and one better than the military and Federal Laws Enforcement. They have taken over many of the states authority rights under the tenth amendment. They can raise their own wages and I think they’re over paid right now. But the Senate term should be shortened to four years, limited to two terms and the House to 4, two year terms. And they should meet long enough to establish the next years budget and then go home to their real jobs and the will only be paid for their time in D.C..

  3. Graham is absolutely right and thank God he’s got the guts to stand up for the United States and the American people. Enough is enough we the people have had more than enough of the do-nothing Democrats. With all of the crisis that we’re facing in this country right now mainly because of the Democrats being on willing to do their jobs why do they have the unmitigated gall to go on vacation for six weeks. Incidentally the Dems used taxpayers money and went to Europe for a so-called meeting. They’re all living a luxurious lifestyle on the backs of the American taxpayers and that has to stop now. If the Dems were in private industry they would’ve all been fired by now for not doing their jobs. They certainly shouldn’t continue to be paid, by American taxpayers, and certainly shouldn’t have access to the exorbitant expense accounts again all paid for by the American taxpayers.

  4. Feinstein has a lot of nerve questioning why even have rules. Well we could say the same to you about Kavanaugh and your lying friend Christine Blasey who you all made up to destroy this good man nd his family. Don’t talk about rules when you don’t follow them nor do you have any morals to Crete such a circus around this mans nomination. You are the lowest of low. You are so old you need to go. You should also be held accountable for lying about your dinner with the Iranian which is against the Logan Act. You were caught lying. Did you think it would not be checked? Sneaky piece of crap.

  5. I would like to see a freeze on all immigration for 12 to 24 months to allow time to fix the loop holes in our system.

  6. Thank you Lindsey Graham! This should have been done years ago. The Hispanic people believe they own the US and we “stole” it from them. But few of them pay tax. I have Mexican friends, I would hate to see them in Mexico, they are as American as I am. On the other hand we can NOT support South and Central America and much of Mexico. Many of these immigrants would never be able to be self supporting. This is the time to say ENOUGH.

  7. Not only fix the immigration loopholes but Trump needs to sign the executive order stopping birthright citizenship for anchor babies, illegals are not under US jurisdiction, they are still under the jurisdiction of the country where they were born, proven fact Mexico made a threat against the US if they did provide protection for their citizens who were in the US, if Mexico is so concerned about their citizens safety the officials in Mexico need to get with the officials in the US and start rounding up their citizens and removing them from America sure would simplify ICE officers jobs,

  8. Feinstein should be arrested for treason. She had Chinese spy in her office. She called the Russians behind the president ‘s back. She has become a soulless nazi. She has lost property from people in California. Her husband and her have become billionaires. She is truly corrupt. She think if socialism comes to America she doesn’t have to take just the American people.

  9. The Democrats need to quit wrapping themselves up in the blanket of “human or immigrant rights” and get down to the business of fixing the broken immigration laws of the United States. Enough with the political games already. There is a immigration and humanitarian crisis on the southern border which needs to be fixed. The answer is not granting blanket amnesty to everyone wishing to come into the United States and the idea of working around the laws and short circuiting the systems at every turn is not the answer. Quit taking time off that you do not deserve and get down to doing the work of the American People. You know those suckers who elected you in the first place. The United States cannot and should not become the home to everyone in the world who are economically disadvantaged or are in fear of the Government in their country of origin. Stay home and fix your own messes don’t bring them here. we have enough of our own problems.

  10. Oh my GOD, here we are Feinstein and her Demo allies accusing Lindsay Graham of breaking rules when for years, decades the DemoRATS break rules constantly. When all that was being done was a vote that should have been done months ago concerning illegals and seeking asylum. Anything to keep the ILLEGALS here longer. Its time to set term limits and clean the swamp. DemoRATS need to go. I am so tired of their obstruction and getting away with it. The hammer needs to slam down and take these assholes out. REPUBLICAN all the way in 2020…Vote demoRATS out.

  11. So Leahy was at a family member’s funeral. First, a have trouble believing him. 2nd and more importantly, was he at the funeral for 7 weeks. if it is true that he was at a funeral last week, what excuse does he have for the previous 6 weeks. Funerals don’t take 7 weeks. As for Feinstein, she’s just the lowest form of DemonRat traitor. She wouldn’t know the rules, or the truth, if it jumped up and bit her in the ass. ALL these DemonRats need to go. As well as some of these ant-Trump RINO’s. Vote RepublicanAND conservative, Trump supporting Republicans This November, and especially Next year. Re-elect Trump. Let’s get as many Trump supporting Repiblicans in both the house and Senate as possible. If the electorate can accomplish that, then we can close the border until the ENTIRE wall is built. Then MANAGE immigration properly. NO ANCHOR BABIES. Children take the status of the parent with the lowest legal status. (stops illegals from breeding with legals to get them in the country). NO welfare for any immigrant. NO assistance of any kind. Go back to “sponsored” immigration ONLY. And no anchor babies for those on temp work visa’s. Millions come here for a 6 month or 1 year work visa, but come here pregnant. Then have the baby here, OH, it’s an anchor baby, they never leave, then bring sozens of relatives here. THAT must stop too. MAGA. KAG. Trump 2020

  12. We should simply declare “AMERICA FULL” stay home and make it better there. We are overpopulated and cheating American citizens every time we let ANYONE else cross our boarders

  13. Poor demoSCUM trash — tables got turned and now they have something more to whine and cry about for 3 more years. It is time to STOP ALL the illegal immigration into this country even if completely shutting down our border is what it takes or deplying our military at the border with orders to do what’s necessary. Suggestion — not the marines — they seem to want to help the illegals.

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